The way I figure it, this is a story best appreciated by quilters.


Recently, I had to go on an extended trip for work in Virginia. So while I was there, I had to go visit the Jinney Beyer's quilt shop (she is my favorite quilter), and there I bought a nice little pin cushion that sets inside a thread spool, like this:


Isn't this a great idea for when you want to do a little hand sewing while watching TV?  I thought so.  Plus, since I was traveling, it worked well for the room where I was staying.










My husband, he is such a sweetie.  After I got home, I was so busy that I did not get to unpacking right away, so he kindly did it for me one day while I was at work and he had the day off.  I thought it was very funny where I found my new pincushion next. It was in the bathroom in a little basket next to the sink where I put my barrets and hair clips, like this:


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too the pincushion....

On another note, after the fiasco with my good sewing/fabric shears being pretty well demolished by she who shall remain nameless but masquerades as my 10 yr of the kids ventures near my sewing table unless I am there or they are leaving something for me to mend. My husband actually has steered the kids toward good quality sewing tools when it is time for gifts for me.......and he does not touch my stuff


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