The way I figure it, this is a story best appreciated by quilters.


Recently, I had to go on an extended trip for work in Virginia. So while I was there, I had to go visit the Jinney Beyer's quilt shop (she is my favorite quilter), and there I bought a nice little pin cushion that sets inside a thread spool, like this:


Isn't this a great idea for when you want to do a little hand sewing while watching TV?  I thought so.  Plus, since I was traveling, it worked well for the room where I was staying.










My husband, he is such a sweetie.  After I got home, I was so busy that I did not get to unpacking right away, so he kindly did it for me one day while I was at work and he had the day off.  I thought it was very funny where I found my new pincushion next. It was in the bathroom in a little basket next to the sink where I put my barrets and hair clips, like this:


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Janie, to top it all new/old machine that I purchased in 1974 would only sew in reverse!!!!  That made it a little difficult to do much of anything!

OMG...hahahahaha.  That is hilarious!!!  lol

Cracks me up! How do you sew in reverse?  What will you ever do with a new machine, you will get confused! 

I work in a building that is so old they need to do some renovations to bring it up to code, modernize the heating and cooling systems so they actually work, etc.  It was built in the '70s!


Agree with you RQ - except it would be the sharp edge of my tongue.....

My husband's main hobby includes 3 tractors , and with two stone shed/barns full to the brim with tools, spares, etc., can't walk in without bumping into a natural hazard........ always ask where's the..........whatever.............and let him venture in  !!!

Would have a long way to go, if I ever wanted to play catcup.....Must admit he has taken to my  newest hobby of quilting very well, is even interested in a trip to England, in Mid August, so that I can go to the Festival of Quilts, at the NEC Birmingham - happy me-  we will combine the visit to see family too.


I think it looks more like a hairclip than a pin cushion too:) Personaly, I use more of Hubby's train  modelling tools for quilting than he ever borrows from me.

When I wanted to buy a new sewing machine (I wanted the Berina Aurora 440 with the stitch regulator) he of course said we can't afford it but yet he can go and buy a brand new outboard for his boat which cost twice the amount of the sewing machine I wanted. He only takes the boat out maybe twice a year.

I had a Kenmore that we bought ca. 1985.  Then a few years ago I bought the Aurora 440.  I love it! It is a great machine.  Don't like Kenmores any more!

I'm sure the Bernina's lovely, but you're comparing apples to oranges , as Kenmores(from Sears) are just basic machines contracted out from Husquvarna, Janome or whoever in that particular yr. Sort of like a no-name brands.

Yes, Kenmore is a  Generic machine, essentially.  I think at the time I bought mine they were made by White.  I had it for 15 years and sewed on it a great deal without any problems, so I was very happy with it.  But now that I have a Bernina, I am spoiled and do not enjoy the generic types of machines any more!   When I bought the Bernina, it was not on a whim either.  I did a lot of research on the web, and then my husband and I drove around town and tried out several different brands of machines. Bernina outweighted the others by a long shot, in my mind.  But we all have our own preferences, of course.  I just was saying that Cheri would have made a good choice with the Bernina Aurora 440.

Me either, Rose!  I fought with mine for 24 years before I gave up and bought a used Janome at a local sewing machine shop.  I loved it!  It is so much easier to use and has none of the tension problems from my Kenmore.  My husband bought me a new Janome a couple of birthdays ago, and it's awesome!  I don't know how my mom can still sew on her really old Kenmore!

My quilt place was hacked by someone else who used my computer. My husband does not have a new outboard and is willing to let me buy anything that we can afford. He told me that I should have bought a long arm machine when I went to the sewing a quilt show 2 yars ago that was only $1500 because it was a demonstration model. I did not have a cell phone to ask him then so I did not buy it.
pc security can be such a serious & dosturbing issue. hope you get this resolved cheri. when my son sets up my pc's...he used to build them, he sets me as administrater & i have a password or pc won't even boot. this is no longer necessary as he and all his visitors are long gone. but your personal pc guru could help you do this so no one can post any more stuff pretending to be you. good luck.


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