The way I figure it, this is a story best appreciated by quilters.


Recently, I had to go on an extended trip for work in Virginia. So while I was there, I had to go visit the Jinney Beyer's quilt shop (she is my favorite quilter), and there I bought a nice little pin cushion that sets inside a thread spool, like this:


Isn't this a great idea for when you want to do a little hand sewing while watching TV?  I thought so.  Plus, since I was traveling, it worked well for the room where I was staying.










My husband, he is such a sweetie.  After I got home, I was so busy that I did not get to unpacking right away, so he kindly did it for me one day while I was at work and he had the day off.  I thought it was very funny where I found my new pincushion next. It was in the bathroom in a little basket next to the sink where I put my barrets and hair clips, like this:


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oooooh!! i won't let my hubby read THIS post! lollol...he'll want address location amd come and drool over those chests and the equipment. he is a engineer that never saw a ...tool that he didn't love and was sure he needed!

Are you saying he wants my little pin cushion?  :-)

lollollol..well...the response was for sherry's story of her hubs three rollong toy chests and his bigger toys...darn! ..note to self: tools ..TOOLS!! ...not TOYS! lollol

....but! if my dh was told that your pincushion was actually a tool...maybe convince him it is a tool in desguise ...well, you can bet he WOULD want it! lollol

TOYS is also an accurate description.  If your hubs is ever in Lincoln, NE, have him stop by. He can stare at the most godawful collection of crap on this side of the Missouri.  :) do i say this. ..and not sound like a braggard. but, since we are on the same side of the big muddy...i think i am "blessed" with biggest pile of crap. you see dh, not only loves adores hugs and stealthily acquires every tool he sees, but his hobby is ornamental blacksmithing, an interest that takes back seat to time in front of tube, and in winter football season..."it is too cold" to go out to matter that if he fires up the forge he would be sweating in no time lollol. so...not only does my guy drag home...but every piece of bent and cast off rusty metal that he sees, stumbles over, or other wise crosses his path. !sigh! and when we move, he is already at nxt job site and guess who gets to pack up, dispose of etc etc? lollollol...good thing for him that i am strong, as well as a good that should be..good thing for me! lollol...i would be out in the cold for sure w/o my innate talents and abilities. 'course, out in the cold, i would still have my stash of fabric & yarns too keep me warm! hubbys...gotta love'em!! after all...who else would we have to take care of, nurture and raise after the kids leave home? dogs & are wonderful friends, but we need the challenge of caring/feeding & helping children that never grow up. ergo ...we have them hubbies!! lollollol!!

Interesting, rogue quilter, interesting.....

My husband's great-grandfather, brothers, and in-laws ran a blacksmithing shop in what is now downtown Lincoln, NE.  So our husbands are related in their love of toolage!  However, instead of rusted pieces of scrap iron, my husband has cars everywhere (hey, wait a minute!  That means I also have pieces of rusted scrap iron laying around!!! LOL)  I love him dearly & am looking forward to that blessed day (if/when it arrives), when we can drive one of his restored old Chevy pick ups or his '64 Chevy Impala in Americruise, down "O" st in Lincoln (the longest main street in the world!)  He's probably looking forward to completed quilts also.....

we passed thru lincoln on one of our treks coast to coast for nxt job posting. the company gave us two weeks paid + motel for few wks till i could find us a home. we took interstates, & then jump off to explore. so we did a little wandering in nebraska...region rich in the history of the western expansion of the american people.
yup..we got a bit in common you & i..rusty metal..sweet guys..piles of yuck..

hmmmm...he got any camaros out there? this 'ol outlaw racer would sure love to have another '68 !! lollollol

My husband and I have lived on a farm for 38 years as have all our other farming friends.  During that time he has accumulated multiple tractors and other pieces of equipment.  Not long ago a quilting friend decided to buy a new embroidery machine.  Her husband asked her which of her other sewing machines she was going to sell.  Not having planned on selling any of them she said she hadn't thought about it.  He told her she couldn't sew on two at the same time so she needed to sell one of them.  The next morning she asked her husband which of his tractors he was going to sell.  Surprised, he told her in no uncertain words, he wasn't planning on selling any of them!  She very innocently told him he couldn't drive two tractors at the same time.  That ended that discussion.

Last fall I decided I needed to replace my "new" sewing machine (I purchased it in 1974).  My husband wanted to know what I was going to do with my "old" machine.  I used the same scenario on him as my friend had on her husband and that ended all discussion of selling my "new/old" machine.  What goes 'round, comes 'round, sometimes!!!!

lollollol!!! great story! my friend told our q group one day this one...she had set up her embroidery machine to run, she had the printer going doing out some pantograms or something, and she was sitting at her sewing machine walks dh. she said he stood there looking at her working on one machine, behind her the emboiderer was working all alone and over to the side the printer going....she said he looked around..shook his head & walked out without ever saying a word.

Can you imagine....LOL

Ha-ha, that is a good one.  I work with a lot of farmers, and I can see this happening!  And not even to mention that a farm tractor costs considerably more than a good sewing machine...

Isn't it amazing how long something can be considered "new".  1974, isn't that a classic or antique by now.  Hahahahaha   Oh our men, they can be so funny!!!


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