The way I figure it, this is a story best appreciated by quilters.


Recently, I had to go on an extended trip for work in Virginia. So while I was there, I had to go visit the Jinney Beyer's quilt shop (she is my favorite quilter), and there I bought a nice little pin cushion that sets inside a thread spool, like this:


Isn't this a great idea for when you want to do a little hand sewing while watching TV?  I thought so.  Plus, since I was traveling, it worked well for the room where I was staying.










My husband, he is such a sweetie.  After I got home, I was so busy that I did not get to unpacking right away, so he kindly did it for me one day while I was at work and he had the day off.  I thought it was very funny where I found my new pincushion next. It was in the bathroom in a little basket next to the sink where I put my barrets and hair clips, like this:


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love it! yes, that is a great story! ..tho must say if my dh...who, seeminly has a phd in disorganiztion, ever touched my travel bag...would tap his busy little hand w my quilting ruler..hahahahaha! i know that tho his motive be good...i would be forever trying to reason where he had decided to put somthing. bad enough with his emptying the dishwasher lollol!

I have one similar, its made on a golf tee. I love it for all the uses you mentioned.

lol... can't say I'm always much better at determing what some of his tools are meant to be and therefore where they should go

I like the idea. 

How cute is that!!!  Men can be so funny.  

Speaking of spouses and tools... my husband has a garage full of tools and when I got into quilting I began sparingly to collecting my quilting gadgets (tools), but I would usually just make do with what I had.  I eventually decided I was going to put some money into the correct ruler, rotary cutters, cutting mats, etc.  He than began to ask me about all the "stuff" I was buying.  If I had a dime for every time my husband "had" to have another tool for a specific project I would be rich.  So I just reminded him about how Important it is to have the "correct tool" for the project.  Guess what?  He has adjusted well and I haven't heard a word about it since.  Talk about something coming back to bite you.  Gotcha!!!   LOL  

That is good.  Yes, what comes around goes around.  I have experienced a little of the opposite.  A few times my husband has seemed a little over-encouraging that I get some quilting thing I am thinking about maybe getting--might even encourage a more fancy version to what I was considering.  Curious, I think.  Then next thing I know, he has bought something new for his music room! He obviously figures,if he does not complain about the expense of my hobby, he doesn't have to worry about me complaining about the expense of his hobby!

Oh, how sly...but as long as it works out for us quilters, who cares?  Right?

"sometimes"? mine is always saying..why don't ...go to this sale, stop at that store...had time to kill before appt instead of go sit in coffee shop as i would have w ds...dh takes me to craft wharehouse...i only have a half hour!! they are having a sale..nope..i am not a speed the one time that i really want to take advantage of his manipulating the fabric/tool thing...i can't. wanted to go back later but it was soooo hot we just went home...where it seemed much cooler and then into the house and the ac. talk about a poorly planned trip! sigh! maybe thier nxt sale...close out bolts 3 - 4$ /yd...close out flatfolds 2$ a yd...sigh ...:(( lollollol

You would probably have been in line at the cash forever!

sigh! yes...i was so sad that i couldn't go back. dh still recovering fr hip replacement. so glad that he is driving again but the only one of our three trucks that is standard tran is old ford we use for brush...& he is going to use for wk till he gets so he can drive a stick again. and it has no he would have been sitting out in 100F ..?40C? ...truck as too, long for him to stand. so i said ..lets just go home. he said sure?? i said ...absolutely!! fab at any price is not worth you sitting out here in this!!

but i was still so sad...hope he didn't catch that :)

oooh oooh!! they had those nice deep nifty plastic things for my threads & scraps too!! lollollol!!
..oh yeah, riana...the clerk gave me thier print out for the "split 4 - patch" that they have as one of thier weekly quilty sessionns, free to any who attend. i told her about our discussion here after i saw the samples up on the wall. also told her about all the blogs i found for a "split 9 - patch" as well. so...i guess i can't whine too much about not getting to spend the time to dig & spend!! right? lollollol

My husband can say nothing about my sewing room; in fact, he actually helped set it up.  Anyway, he is a "forced into early retirement" tool and dye maker, who at one point had two jobs, so he has 3 big craftsman tool chests (one for each job and home) now + many huge machines he bought from his plant when they closed it last July.  We both love our goodies!


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