Does anyone out there use digitizing software to create their quilts?  I am learning Masterworks for my machine and I think it will let me design appliques.  Very steep learning curve.....



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Hi Lisa, I just found this group. I too am looking at using embroidery on my quilts..
Just intimidated by my husky Diamond, seems so fast.

I am looking at Foriani software.

For Floriani products, including their software, check out  "I Have A Notion".  Kelly Jackson is the owner of this online shop that sells notions at great prices and she also sells Floriani products (including their software).  I've been very happy with everything I've bought from her and really like her advice.

I also want to share that Kelly gets to know her customers and make recommendations.  One of her recommendations to me was a pair of "MicroFine" Tweasers".  Very reasonably priced and amazing scissors.  Perfect for ME when you need to pluck a fine thread, or for reverse machine embroidery (when you need to rip out a tightly stitched ME).



I bought a Designer I back in 2002 and it had software that came with it to 'modify' already digitized designs.  I was not happy with that because I had bitmap clipart that I could make stitch designs of several thousand designs.  So, bought the available digitizing software from Husqvarna. Extremely steep learning going back to DOS programming.  Took me 3 years to get 36 snowflake designs that were all mine! A couple of years later, 2007, I think they came out with 4D Software that was a lot easier to use and more like the vector art programs (Illustrator) and used the same short cut commands.  I have not used it as much as I thought that I would.  Time consuming and I'd rather be stitching.  Also got stuck with a sewing machine that uses 3.5 inch disks and the 4D program default is USB (sewing machines were changed to USB to provide the stitch file to it in the meantime), but several thousand dollars later, I can do everything that I wanted to back in 2002.  Not a complete fan of Husqvarna, but it is what I have and I AM NOT BUYING ANOTHER SEWING MACHINE!

Yes, I have the 4D suite that I bought at Houston Quilt show 4 or 5 years ago now.  There is a 5 D now that I will not be upgrading to.  Done with the new programs from Husqvarna!

I also use Electric Quilt 7

While I use Bernina's SW, I am curious why you are done with new programs from Husqvarna.  Poor quality, support, ?

I have the full 4D suite.  I bought it when I bought my D1 - it's not cheap but is one of the top programs for doing this.  I have to be honest and say that I found I didn't enjoy digitizing and now I buy almost all my designs.  The quality (of most)is better than I was able to do and I'm not spending all my time digitizing... now I can sew which is what I like to do.

I do use Electric Quilt 7 for designing all my quilts. I love it.

I use the Bernina Artista Designer Plus V6 software and also EMBIRD software.  I agree, it does take time to learn.  I'm truly not sure I'll ever learn it all in  my lifetime, but trying!  LOL!



Thinking about buying this for my Bernina.  Right now I'm using the Art Design that came with my machine.  Wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to V6 Plus.

Hi, Lisa.  Check out Sue Green-Baker's tutorials for Masterworks.  I went through the entire course last Fall and now can do SO MUCH with my program.  FYI:  Lesson 4 is Basic Applique, Lesson 14 covers Applique Lettering and Lesson 18 is Advanced Applique.  Check out or, if you want amateur advice, just message me!  I just love Masterworks!

There is a new program entitled My Decorative Quilter made by Floriana. It was officially introduced today. I've seen parts of it used and can hardly wait to get started using My copy. You can also autodigitize quilting designs in most of the software systems.
Hi lisa, i am also trying to learn master works. Thinking about seeing if baby lock has any online classes...


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