Hello All,


I am having a problem with skipped stitches all of a sudden.  I have changed the needle, warmed the machine up, tweeked the tension a bit really don't know what to do next. I am at a loss.  I have used the same thread on this project with no problem and now I can't do anything with it.



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When my machine does that it's because of the bobbin.  Usually it's not threaded right.

Hi Linny,

Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner had to take Mom to the Dr's.  I don't know what the problem was.  I think it was the thickness of the fabric.  I was using log cabin blocks 2 1/2 inches.  I quilted on a small piece of fabric layered together and had no problems with the thread also.  Went to the small quilt and wamo problems again.  The bobbin seem to be ok, I check it out first,  cleaned  out the area too!  I made sure no thread or dust.  I have a Nolting bobbin winder which doe's a good job.  Wish I knew what happened I just was at the end of the project so I flim flamed it until it was done.  I had a few more skipped stitches that I went over and then called it quites.  Ruthie

Hi Ruth...you may need to loosen the quilt on the frame. Sometimes with the fabric too tight it doesn't allow the machine to complete the stitch. If the fabric is bouncing when you are stitching it is too tight.


See if that helps and let me know....sally

Hi Sally,

I had most of the quilt done so I flim flamed it, it is a tablerunner so I just went over some of the stitches their are a few long stitches on it but thought it won't be getting the ware and tear that a quilt on the bed gets.


I did play around with the tension and I don't think the fabric was too tight, but I will remember that for the next time.  I could be wrong.  My fabric wasn't bouncing at all.  I have been told if a quarter bounces on the quilt it is too tight.  I am really baffled because I did a smaller sandwich but it didn't have log cabin squares in it , and it worked just fine until I went back to my log cabin runner!!



Have you cleaned your machine lately?  I always clean under where the bobbin/bobbin case sits if I have been doing a lot of sewing you can get a nice little build up of lint that can be thick, this can make the bobbin not sit correctly in the machine.  I also take a q-tip and clean up the other areas that I can reach, you would be amazed at what is hiding in your machine.  I change my needle every 8 hours and definitely after I have embroidered blocks for a quilt top even if it is less then 8 hours.  Also check your bobbin case area you might have a stray thread causing problems. 

High use machines should get serviced at least a minimum of once a year.  We service machines at the quilt shop I work at.  The other little thing you should know is snip your thread by the spool and pull the thread out from the bottom, when you pull it out backwards the thread can leave lint behind that causes problems with the tension, been there done that.  I know sometimes we have to when the thread breaks inside the machine where we cannot get at it.....  I hope this gives you some areas to look at for resolving your machines problem.  Never ever play with the bobbin case tension as it is next to impossible to get the tension back to factory settings.  If you want to play with bobbin tension that get a separate bobbin case and mark is so with something so you know which case you can play with.

Hi Marian,  Such good advice.  I use the 8 hour rule for changing my needles etc.  I clean after every bobbin change too.  Believe it or not this last time I used a q tip to clean around my needle too.  The thread trick sounds good to me.  I sent a message to Nolting Co. where I purchased my machine.  He Dan called me personally to see what my problem was for I just mentioned I think I needed a tuneup on his web site.

He told me the same thing about the quilt may be to tight.  I did everything except check the tightness of my table runner.  I don't know if that was the problem for I did everything else.  Your advice was very informative.  I will keep all of it in my mind.  Thank you so much.  Ruthie

You are very welcome, it is good to share our knowledge as we all learn new things that way.  I will watch if my quilt is to tight if I have problems in the future, it probably was the problem.  It was when I was first starting to embroider.

Ruthie, funny that is what my dad used to call Mom. What does the bobbin side look like?

Have you taked a few Q-tips to the bobbin area and cleaned up all of the fuzz you can reach?

Have you tried completely re-lacing the machine?

You may have a small piece of thread where it shouldn't be. I know that I had to take my Bernina in and they stripped her down to the not so pretty parts and found that to be the problem.

Sorry, that is the extent of my wisdom, I'm afraid.


Good Luck,

Linda J

Hi Linda,  I used to not like my name and now that I am older I like it!  The bobbin area looks good.  I did the q-tip thing.  I always redo my threading when I have a problem.  I left a message with the Nolting site where I bought my machine.  He called me back and asked me if my quilt may have been to tight.  That was the second time I heard that.  The only problem is that I flim flamed my tablerunner because it was towards the end and already I spent a couple of hours doing everything I could think of.  I wish that I knew that before I took it off.  Sounds like that may have been the problem for Dan said if the quilt is too tight it can't complete the stitch properly and therefore a skipped stich appears.


Thanks for your info Linda.



I found that if you do not get the plate back on around the feed dogs, in your case you don't have any, the point is you need to make sure the needle is evenly spaced in the middle of the place, front to back and side to side. I just learned that little trick this weekend and all is well with the machine. :)

Hi Marian,


That is very helpfull.  I will remember that one.  Thanks!!  Ruthie

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd mention that Superior Threads has an excellent education section on their website.  There's help for every thread problem you can imagine, as well as videos.  Extremely helpful!  The link to their website is http://www.superiorthreads.com/


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