Random thought to the powers that be on this site....It is very easy to find groups but very difficult to go back and find a discussion if you can't remember to which group it was originally posted.  Would be nice to have some kind of index for discussions

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yes I saw that, Thank you!  and it was so fast!
Thank you, thank you, AQS, for responding so quickly and efficiently to Lana's request.  Now, we won't miss a thing.
new suggestion:  Hide option for  posts from groups or discussions you are not involved in.  there are a lot of posts about mystery quilts and right now since it's new iowa quilters,  and it is wonderful to share and see what others are doing or saying but sometimes that's all you see.  And after 10 posts (exageration?) from a group or discussion you are not interested in it gets a little old.
I was under the impression that you did not get all the messages from all the discussions unless you opted to follow a particular discussion.  How would you know about new topics that might interest you if you did not see new posts somewhere?
:>  Just want to clarify.  The Quilt place "newsfeed" is filled with the posts that people make to groups or discussions.  And Frankly I'm not interested in all the posts about mystery quilts.  I have chosen not to participate.  So do I really need to see everyone's post about their fabric choices etc... All I'm asking for is the choice.  if I don't want to see posts about that particular group then maybe I could hide that particular group with an option to undo if I change my mind later.  I don't want to offend Iowa quilters but their group has been very busy but I'm not an Iowa quilter.  I don't want anyone to feel that they have to stop what they are doing to please me just give me the option to hide that group/discussion as well, since it doesn't really interest me.  Sometimes an interesting topic can develop from one of these groups and I would be sorry to miss it but then that would be my choice.  It's just accepting the reality that not every topic/group/discussion is going to interest everyone, and personally I'd like the option to hide something if that's the case.


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