Random thought to the powers that be on this site....It is very easy to find groups but very difficult to go back and find a discussion if you can't remember to which group it was originally posted.  Would be nice to have some kind of index for discussions

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That's a good idea, Suzanne, but one thing I've noticed is that there will be one discussion title (such as "What are you working on?) and that same title is on three different groups.  That's where I get confused!

Not only is it sometimes difficult to go back to a specific discussion, but sometimes I get an email notification and it will take me back to the beginning of the discussion and there could be 20 pages... so I can't find the whole message, just the little clip in my email message.  The reply might have been on page 10 or 15 and maybe it is at the end.  If you click on the link it should take you to it directly.

It is easy to get off topic and get discussing something that has nothing to do with the title for what you replied to, but if you take it to a new title, then someone doesn't know to follow and would totally miss your reply.

When you get the e-mail notifications, just click on the part that says "so and so REPLIED".  Then you will be taken to the most current reply on that thread.
If there is a long discussion, and the reply is not from the most current post... it may not always work.  I understand how this works, if it is working properly... I was indicating that it sometimes does not take me to the correct place, or maybe I just get side tracked along the way.  If it is important, I can muddle through and find the proper place in the discussion to get to the correct reply to see the whole  message.  I do not use IE because I find Firefox a better browser in most instances.  Maybe it is an issue with my browser... but I am not the only one that uses Firefox.
I also use Firefox and I'm not finding to much difficulty although I never use my emails to get back to a conversation.  If there is a discussion that I want to follow, I will usually follow it on my home page and will usually page back to the date and time if I need to.  I don't like getting all those emails.  Are there that many discussions that are very long?  I guess I haven't been on here that long, but I haven't seen any discussions that are terribly long as of yet.
Hi Loretta.  I just wanted to mention that you can set it up so you get a daily "digest" of all of the conversations that you've participated in, or comments to your home page.  It sounds like you have yours set on "individual messages", which can totally fill up your in-box!  Just thought I'd mention it.

Thank you for the great suggestion. We're always looking for ways to improve upon the site.


We are looking for ways to make things a little easier for everyone to find what they want. There is a discussion section - the "forum" link in the header navigation. But, we're finding that people are using the group discussions far more often than the individual message board.


There are a few things that might help make things easier to find for you.


First, try using the site search option. This should appear at the top of the site, to the right of your name and a "sign out" link.


Second, on individual discussions, there should be the "follow" link. That will send the email update - although with a hot discussion topic that might be overwhelming.


Any other suggestions or problems are more than welcome!



Thanks for responding.  I had not used the Forum link yet and it is very handy to find a general discussion (but not one contained within a group).  The "follow" link I have already put to good use.  Here is what prompted this suggestion:  I was trying to find a discussion posted by Garnie Bethea regarding blocks.  There had not been any activity in a while so I had not received any notifications.  I could not remember into which group she posted the discussion.  Thank goodness there are only 40+ groups because I just had to look through each one until I happened upon her original post.  I will admit I did not use the search option and will try this the next time I am looking for something.


Again, thank you.


Feel free to send questions anytime!

I wanted to add a suggestion.  the home page only shows a certain number of posts.  You can't scroll down and see previous ones.  I would sometimes like that option.  to scroll and see if there was something I might have missed. 



I second that, Lana!
Yea!  They did it!  I've wondered about what I miss as well and they just added the feature where you can read more!  Great idea!


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