Today's AQS daily deal is for twin size silk batting. I've never used silk and have a question about it. In the description, it says the batting is to be hand washed and dried flat. Does one really need to hand wash a quilt and dry it flat if silk batting was used? That's way too much trouble!

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When l was in the drapery business, we had silk-filled duvet inserts available for clients. The insulating factor and the fact that silk is a natural fibre was a great selling point. But the downside was high cost and careful maintenance. Those long silky fibres can tangle, causing bunching up. Now in a quilt, those fibres would be stitched/quilted in place, especially if heavily/closely l would think a quilt could be washed on "gentle" and line dried( supported over 2 lines).However, l've never used silk batting.

Thanks so much, Riana!  I like to try different things but I think I'll pass on silk batting. To have to line dry a quilt- even if I had a place to hang it, it might take forever. I'll stick with cotton and 80/20 batting.


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