My name is Karen and I am a quilter. I have an addiction to pretty fabric and quilting books and magazines. I live in New England with my son. My father and mother moved in with us 8 years ago. Mom died in December of 2007. That's when I decided to start quilting in the fall of 2008 as a creative way to channel my grief. I love quilting. I love it so much that I now have built a huge sewing station in my home. It makes sewing so much easier. (Please feel free to check it out, as well as my quilt photos. I posted them on my page.)

One of my favorite things to do is to take off in the car with my best friend and quilting mentor and go to fabric stores all over New England in our own Shop Hop. Unfortunately we don't do it too many times a year since the economy is so bad.

I've been published in two magazines but don't be too impressed. In one magazine I used one of their patterns and sent a photo in of how I changed it. It was published. The other time I was published was when I had a quilt square design contest on my classroom and I made wall hangings for the four winners. We had just read Patricia Polacco's book The Keeping Quilt so it tied right in. To be honest, the kids came up with some great designs...free ideas!


I like to strip quilt and also dabble in applique.


In addition quilting, I write, paint, play the guitar, and reinvent my house decor.


I look forward to retirement from teaching in four years so I can sew, sew, SEW!


of the guild "Sew what?"

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Hi Angie,

I love this! I just joined a few days ago. I happened to see it on the sidebar on Facebook and figured I'd check it out. I am so glad I did.

I'm just an amateur at quilting but I do so love making things. Up until I started quilting in October 2008, the only experience I had had with a sewing machine was  years ago in jr. high school sewing class.


My best friend, Marie, and I have tea a few times a week and talk over quiting magazines and books. We love our fabric stashes. I actually "visit" my stash when I want to see what I have. I have so much I forget what I bought. Sometimes when we are shopping I see a fabric and I know I just have to have it. I'll buy 1.5 yards or more depending on how much I love it and what I see it as. Sometimes I look and see a border. If I do I'll buy three or more yards. I am hooked.


Happy quilting!


My sister and I quilt together we go to different classes together we have gone on a sewing cruse together
That so great you and your sister are so close. I quilt with my best friend, who I consider a sister of my heart. We haven't done any classes together since she has been quilting for over 30 years and I am a newbie. But we do shop hop togther...and if we don't have an official shop hop going in our area, I drag out my book titled We'd Rather Be Quilting and make our own destinations. If you don't have that book, it is so worth the $10.00. It lists all the quilt shops state by state, city by city. That book and a GPS can be a dangerous thing!

Hi Angie,

I remember to check Facebook every day...but I keep forgetting to check here. Sorry for the delay in answering.


I don't feel guilty about buying fabric. I know it will go towards making something that someone will love and enjoy and you can't put a price on that. I just have to watch my spending because I can go overboard. I'm a lot better than my best friend Marie who has been known to say, "I'll take what's left on the bolt." I only say that if there is two yards or about that. One Saturday we went to a store and she spent $700. The women working in the store helped her out with her bags. That isn't even the funny part. We went back six months later for a second visit and when she walked through the door they all said, "Hi Marie." She knew she was in trouble then! They remembered her!


I have a Bernina 2300. I use it to sew the tops. I haven't used it to machine quilt other than to do straight lines around borders after I hand tied the center. I'd love to get a long-arm but I have never used one. And the cost is way out of my budget.

Did you end up getting the Janome?



$700 in one store is quite a bit. We've done Shop Hops that have cost us that in a day. Needless to say we don't do that too often.
LOL!!!!  I just read this...the part about visiting your stash!  I have always kept that part of myself a secret!
I don't keep it a secret. Not only do I visit MY stash, I've also been known to visit my friend's stash. She visits her's as much as I visit mine. It's nice to be around beautiful fabrics and dream of what they will be.
After four years I decided my stash was plenty large, but I just kept buying more fabric.  I have a cabinet with all of my tone-on-tones organized and I love it.  The problem is, I wish I had more cabinets like it because the rest of my stash is in containers and now I have too many containers.  They're separated by type...kiddie fabric, 30's stuff, batiks, stripes and polka dots, solids.  Then I have a few that are mixed.  Those are the ones I need to go through.  I have a lot of fabric I'd like to get rid of just because I bought it spur of the moment simply to build my stash and not because I really liked it all that much.  Plus, that was before I shopped on-line and I was limited by what our quilt shop had.  I'm having a hard time with the scraps I've accumulated.  I don't keep anything larger than a fatquarter and they too are organized by color and type, but now I'm overwhelmed with the scraps.  I do believe you really can have too much fabric!  Maybe it's because of the bins...it would be nice to have everything in one area where I can see it all!

Hi - I am new to the group as well and am very happy to find it  I have been a quilter for more than 20 years and became a professional quilt designer about nine years ago.  I have a passion for quilting as most quilters do and am totally adicted to fabric.  I have a huge stash but have cut back on purchasing new fabric for the time being.  I have a sewing studio which is WAY to small - I am waiting for "my ship to come in" so I can build a much larger one!


I published a book of innovative quilt designs in 2009, "Moon Dance - a Quilter's Creative Journey" and have a line of quilt patterns as well.  I specialize in designing for large scale prints.  You can see my patterns and learn more about me at www.somethingsewfine.com.  Please also visit me on Facebook and "like" me - I post there often.


I look forward to hearing more from the members of this group and getting to know you!

Welcome Cary! I just joined a week or so ago and I'm glad I did. I've met some really nice people.


Welcome Quilters!

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