I would like to find out if there is any interest for a Secret Santa group?

The group I belonged to previously had members complete questionnaires. Then everyone was assigned a person to be Secret Santa for. We spent the year making/buying things for that person. It was limited to whatever fit in a priority mail package. Also during the year, we'd have monthly gift ideas to make with tutorials. Then on a set date at the beginning of December, we would mail our Secret Santa gifts. Many took photos when they received their gifts and posted so all could see all the marvelous things everyone received.

Another thought is to make one item and then have a dollar limit as to what can be spent on other items. This would prevent some getting large Secret Santa boxes and others getting smaller boxes.

Any other suggestions are welcome. If there is enough interest, we can set up a group.

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I'm interested, Linda. I'm in a group for it this year for my second time. It's so much fun making and gathering things to send to another quilter!  I don't have a problem with people getting different "size" boxes. Each person knows what they can afford and what they have time for. If my gift isn't as much as what I gave, I don't care!  I'm just happy to have a new quilting friend. Besides, I would have trouble limiting myself to what I send. :)  Too many rules makes it not so much fun.

I am interested..

I am thinking about it.  I have lots of ideas that would be great to make for a special someone.  Did we have any time lines on when we would start?

Depends how many we get interested. We could do the questionnaires in December or early January. Then names can be assigned. Right now there are only 4-5 of us.

I'm interested too. Please keep me posted.

So far there are 5 interested. I've noticed there are a lot viewing the discussion. Perhaps some are interested? I would like to get a minimum of 10-12 people to start the group. Roxana, you run the group at the other site...What do you think?

I'm interested.  Done this before and had fun! I like a few guidelines with a dollar amount just to try to make sure people can expect a certain minimum value.  I think that value helps people decide whether they want / can afford to participate.and makes everyone feel more comfortable toward gauging their giving.  If a giver wants to be more generous that's fine. Count me in if you decide to go ahead.

Thank you for your input Karin. I think we will be going forward but probably not till early January. I need time to get the ducks in a row and then there are the holidays. Plus I'm in the middle of unpacking from my recent move.

OK, everyone...we are up to 6 people. Hopefully, we will get a few more. We will probably begin in early January. Once we get a couple more people interested I will start the group for sign ups. Then we will begin like I said in early January. Does that sound good with everyone?

If you are swapping names in December or January, when would we know requirements and shipping time? I would be interested.

We will send out a questionnaire in early Jan and names will be given out end of Jan providing all questionnaires are returned on time. You will have till the 1st week of Dec. to make/buy things. I need to the end of the year to get everything worked out. Suggestions are always welcome.

Finally catching up with emails.  Yes I would be interested, especially since there would be a full year to make / buy things.

If we know who we are swapping with, could one of the requirements be "hints" of things on a wish list along with a reasonable $ amount.

With the economy today, I believe we will have a $ limit. I know several of us are on limited incomes as we reach retirement age.


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