This will be our 4th year for the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. If you would like to swap comment below.
Last year was a great swap as Rouge did the pick of the hat so no one knew who their recipient was.
Let's see if we can all step up our game!

We could choose a Theme this year!!! That could be a great challenge. We will have several months to get our project finished.

Due date is December 12th 2016. We can set up the rules as we get takers.

1) Chef
2) Connie
3) Chris M
4) Mary Anne B
5) Kris Howell

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Just saw you need 2 more then or will cancel - either way will be good for me.........just let me know!

Mary Anne!!!!!! there you are , I was just thinking of you this morning. nice to ''see'' you.

We could do just the four of us! There is still time. I'll ask Carla to pick names n we can just do it. We don't need a bunch of people. It's still fun to make something and give it to someone. Who doesn't love a hand made item.

when do you want me to message with the secret santa's??

Any time! Ty

o.k. you guys have gotten your recipients!! time to sew up!! good luck and have fun. sorry I couldn't join in this year, I love making and getting but I am so sewn under I can't stay above water. lol.  happy sewing.

OK ladies - can't reveal who we got but thought I'd ask if anyone had color preferences and/or do you want christmas stuff or whatever we decide to create......Just a thought.  I don't care what kind of surprise I receive but I am in Arizona from 15 Nov - early April then head back to Canada .....I have NO idea what I am doing this year - will think on it til I arrive and then start creating something!

I'm delighted to get anything! I have no preferences

If it's not too late, I'd like to be involved.  Just noticed that I haven't been getting these comments in email.  Not sure why.

Kris message Carla to see how we could add you.

Kris I have messaged you with your recipient. I need to make sure everyone addresses have not changed from a year ago. also I need Chris M AND Kris to message me with your addresses and Mary Anne will your winter address be the same???

            thanks so much!! I'm so looking forward to seeing these. I hate to miss out but I am so bogged down it's in sane. LOL.

Mine is still good:)


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