This will be our 4th year for the SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE. If you would like to swap comment below.
Last year was a great swap as Rouge did the pick of the hat so no one knew who their recipient was.
Let's see if we can all step up our game!

We could choose a Theme this year!!! That could be a great challenge. We will have several months to get our project finished.

Due date is December 12th 2016. We can set up the rules as we get takers.

1) Chef
2) Connie
3) Chris M
4) Mary Anne B
5) Kris Howell

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Me, me, me. :)))
Connie your tooooo funny!

Add me too

Glad to hear your joining Chris!
Sorry, but I need to take a pass this year. The 365 challenge and the Splendid Sampler project are keeping me busy. I will miss doing it!
Awe I'm sad Ethelda you do some beautiful pieces. You still have time to decide. So far we only have 3 of us. I haven't heard from Carla as I know she's jamming out quilt stuff too.
I already have a pattern n fabrics pulled for my SS.

Lisa, i'm sorry but I wont be doing anything else this year either. I am SOOOOO waterlogged with other projects. like Ethelda the 365 and splendid, row by row. had to drop Ula BOM for now   and still have a log cabin to do, red work / irish chain.....blah blah blah....LOLOL. well you get it....

Its now September closing in on October and we only have three of us signed up this year for the Secret Santa. Do we still want to do it Connie and Chris M?

I think if we don't get at l

Ok, so it cut off my comment. If we don't get 6 people I think we cancel.

I think you might be right Chris. I have not been on much with family health issues, not me this time. Hubby needs to go to cardiologist n I'm starting police academy as a volunteer for our local police dept. I still have a fun challenges to get done. I also have been taking care of friends property as the people they hired are not doing what should be done. My boys n I have been working to get their pool and yard back into shape. While I'm trying to keep mine up. So in a small way I guess it's good to not have the exchange this year.
Carla n others will, including myself will hopefully have a smaller plate next year.
My hubby almost passed out last night so I'm aggressive on him getting to a heart doctor. He's to young to have these kind of problems. He's never smoked drank he had a bad diet away from home. Cheating on fried foods and lots of sugars like sofa.
As many years I have known about nutrition he was not following my meals.
A new day today and many items on my plate.

OK Chef - found it..................I might be a few days late - arrive in Arizona on 15 Nov this year but can partake in this if you are still doing it - I see there are not many participating this year............It was so much fun last year


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