It's that time again! Time to sign up for Secret Santa 2019. Sign ups will run from January 10 to March 31, 2019 midnight. Before requesting membership in the group, please pm me and request a copy of the rules. A copy of the rules must be signed and returned to me prior to membership being accepted. This is a new requirement to help prevent someone not receiving a Secret Santa package at Christmas. We appreciate cooperation with this new rule. Secret Santa is a year long commitment. 

Everyone had a fun time last year with Kathy's "impossible missions" which will be continued this year. We have some great prizes again too. Everyone gets to vote for the winner of the "impossible missions".  All the photos from the "impossible missions" were hints of gifts to come. I love my spool pin cushion and the scissor holder including scissors! Thank you, Anna!

We are hoping to add some more tutorials this year than we had last year.

We had a great time getting to know one another during all the many varied discussions. We also get to know each other from questionnaires that we each complete. Some of us have known each other for several years from other groups. Some of us know each other on a personal level. But, we've gotten to know some wonderful new quilters too. Come join the fun. Sign up today!

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Well of course I would like to sign up, this is one of the funnest things that I do all year.  It is so hard to wait until December to see what special things that I will get in my package from my Secret Santa Sister.  I read the fiction book I got the first week, I started a quilt from from the fabric I received the next week and used all of the really cool gadgets I got to do it.  It inspires me through the year to get my SS sister's box ready for her, and surprises me to see what I get from mine.  

The fact that I get to share this adventure with other quilters makes it even more enjoyable.  Other women who understand my addiction to fabric, can commiserate with me over the number of unfinished projects I have hidden in my closet, and can empathize with me over the friends and family who don't understand the grief and frustration I feel over the number of hours I spent making them a quilt, only to see a picture of them using it on the ground for their picnic.

Let the games begin......

LOL, Kathy, I still have your email. Will send the rules to  you. Once they are signed, you will receive the questionnaire and be added. Can't wait to see your "impossible missions" this year! LOL

One of these will be going into my Secret Santa package for this year. The other will be given as a prize in Kathy's "impossible mission" contests. Sign ups are going on now through midnight March 31, 2019. Come join the fun!

I love this swap every year- one of my all time favorite activities. When I receive my secret questionnaire I tape it to the book shelf next to my sewing table so it doesn’t get lost but also so I can read it regularly .

Kathy, I’m sorry it bothers you to see gift quilts used for picnics- I am always tickled to see that and encourage it- have a few favorites of my own I consider my picnic quilts. my granddaughters all have quilts they consider so special- their favorites always used for picnics. And how many movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read with a lovely quilt spread out under a favorite tree, or a meadow for a picnic. I would much rather see them using and loving them that way than find out it’s hidden away in a box under the bed. 


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