have noticed that there are not many replies when people post? yet there are members online, would be a better chance of ' having fun' if we got more involved dont you think? or perhaps its just me... too much time on my hands!!!! lol

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I just joined yesterday.  There will probably be times that I don't post too often, but I will try to as often as I have a contribution to make.

I was noticeing this too.  It could be that people stay signed in even thou they have left the page.  I do that often since I post from my own lap top.  It also could be that people are shy when it comes to the computer.  To many of us posting on boards is a new world.  But....I really think you hit the nail on the head not enough time on our hands!


Keep on quilting...


in my case sally... too much time on my hands!!! should be ironing really. lol
It's not just you.  I noticed that there are over 1500 members here, yet you'd never know it based on the conversations going on.  I think this place is pretty new, so I'm sure it's going to take time for the momentum to pick up.  I think the subgroups are where most of the conversations are going on...but still not nearly what I'd expect with so many members!
i agree, have been on forums before and found not a lot going on shame really, as we all have such varied lives and live in all parts of the world. Be so interesting to hear about others wouldnt it,? and a chance to have a chat, moan or share our day to day experiences, as they say here Bridget... ' It's good to talk'
I think it would help to have this "swap" as a group - much easier to find and participate than in the Forum.
I was thinking of that too...but it just got thrown out there as a discussion and grew from there.  I think there should be a group specifically for swaps with several going on at once.  Some like swapping blocks (not me) and some like doing fabric.  So I think if there is a variety going on in ONE group it would be easier to follow.

I don't know what to say... But had a TERRIBLE experience today. I was riding a jetblack Arabian horse. I tried turning the horse to the left, with no luck. The horse started running, and went faster and faster. I pulled both reins as hard as I could, but this black beauty just kept running... Then I lost my balance, and fell to the ground. My one foot was caught in the stirrup - with the horse still moving! I cried and yelled for somebody to help me.


Finally the manager at the Walmart store heard me, and pulled the horse's plug from the electric outlet...


Hi- I just started with My Quilt Place and haven't really gotten the hang of the site yet. Hope there are lots of ideas to draw on soon. Guess I need to surf the site, too. Have a great day.
Yes, Barbara...it definitely takes some surfing around to navigate this site...but once you figure it all out it's a lot of fun!  I like to go to the main page first to see what the latest blogs and discussions are.  Birthdays are listed too, so I like to wish happy birthday to everyone when they come up (the birthdays are on the bottom right of the main page).  Of course new photos are posted constantly!
I don't work anymore due to my leg.  So I have a lot of time to spend on the 'puter.  I usually do a lot of my replies to my group.  But will do my best to ready and reply to posts on the forum.


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