Wow what a experts that was !
After driving up their and paying for the room it self , I had the most hardest time finding this show !
I didn't know I had to pay for tickets for a class too
Plus we couldn't even take photos too show our family and friends later on that was not fair at all !!!
That really up set me the most
I really didn't feel welcomed at all some of the lady's were snobs but very few was nice but I did run into a lot of snobby lady's ! I found one thing that I have been looking for for ever though !
Ha! You'll find out soon just not now
I have to surprise you all
But for all the snobby lady's ( what makes you think your so much better) ?
The most part I had fun being by myself , exploring new things
Thanks for that show in Reno Nv.

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What a bummer that Reno was not friendly.  Head to Vegas!   We are friendly here :)

Vegas is way too far for me to drive , I leave only 3 1/2 hours away from Reno , plus I had to go too the cemetery after that show to see my Grandparents and uncle on my way home from that Qulit show
I don't think my truck would make it at Vegas thanks though :)
They should not be that way. We are all looking for inspiration and love being creative. We are equal.
I agree 100% that we are equal but that's people I guess some just don't understand we are what we are , but even though I did go by myself I did in joy myself , if I had to do it all over again , I still would of gone again it was worth the fun!!!:)


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