This question came from Judy Butler:

What product can I use to wash my quilt to keep the colors (red) from bleeding? I ran cold water on my outside border to erase my marking pencil & one of the reds bled onto my cream inner border. Once it dried, it isn't to noticable. This Carpenter Star quilt is to be a wedding gift for my airman grandson this May. Should I go ahead & wash it or let my grandson & his bride do the washing? It's only about 75" square. Thank you so very much.

Here is the reply from Bonnie K. Browning:

Get some Synthrapol to put in your washing machine. It is what dyers use to remove excess dye from their fabric. I use it whenever I buy clothing that is red or some other dark color. You can get Synthrapol from Pro Chemical or some quilt shops carry it too. I would take your quilt to a coin laundry to use an extra large washer to have plenty of water to wash through the quilt and keep it agitating good. Follow the instructions on the bottom on the proportion of Synthrapol to water to make sure you get enough of it in the load. The Synthrapol will suspend any excess dye in the water. I always throw in a couple DyeCatchers to help catch that color, too. Hope this helps.

And Judy’s results:

Hi Bonnie!!  I purchased the Synthrapol & dye catchers sheets to wash my quilt. The solution WORKED!!!  No more bleedover!!  I thank you so very much with your response to my problem. I wish for you the best ever quilt show in Paducah!!  Judy


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