Everyone please help! I totally screwed up. I used Pellon EZ-Steam to fuse some letters down then sewed them. Apparently, in my rush to finish this project & my distraction with my 4-year-old I put the wrong letter in place. Is it even possible to remove fabric after it's fused down like that or is this whole baby quilt just ruined?

I'd GREATLY appreciate any help or advice on this.

Thanks in advance,

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Remove machine appliqué stitches and then try to peel up incorrect letter. Is it was lite fusible you may get it up.

i would say the same. try to peel it up after removing the stitching.

if you get the fabric up, but there is still residue, use a pressing cloth, i would suggest a scrap fabric. it is more likely to pick up the residue than one of those un-stickable "fusible pressing sheets", to put the new letter in place.

If you dont use a pressing cloth, you have to be careful not to move the iron around, because once it hits the excess residue, the iron will be dirty. (also a good way to get rid of the residue)

 you can clean your iron plate by having a used dryer sheet at the ready. lay it so half is on the board and half hangs over. scrape the plate of the iron on the dryer sheet over the edge of the board. (yes, still hot)



there is an art product used to remove adhesive which I have tried, might be worth the effort (think its called EZoff)

I agree with Sharon and Kathy.  While you may get some of the fusible off the base fabric after removal techniques, I don't think you will get it all.  You may be lucky if you are switching similar letters that will have the same spacing.  For example a "B" where there was a "P."  It would be nice to see  photo.

remove your stitching carefully - put your iron back down on the fused letter for about 4-5 seconds - then peal the letter up... should come right up without a problem.  Good luck and God bless


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