I acdidentally uploaded a 2nd photo of a quilt project I already had on the site.  How can I remove the duplicate?  Thanks in advance.

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if it is in your 'photos' page. go there click on the photo. when it opens on the upper right corner of the page you will see and thing that says 'options' click on it and a drop down menu appears. go down to bottom of that list and click 'delete'

Hi Rogue, I have tried doing what you said. go to my photos page and click on the photo that I want to remove but I do not see anything that says options only settings. What am i doing wrong?
i have been playing on my photos pages, album etc. looking all over the page and the only place i see "settings" is in the box upper right corner w mail, friends etc. if that is where you are looking then you have gone too far to right. stay in the boxed area of the photo itself. the options button is to the left of the add button on the inside upper right corner of box with the photo.
open the photo you wish to delete. upper right corner ..."options" w arrow right next to "add" button (for adding more photos.)

click on the "options" button. drop down menu w options available will appear .."rotate photo, edit details, edit photo" ...last option on drop down list is "delete photo" .... click on that. should be a thingy that asks if you are sure you want to delete? ..click "yes"

if you open a photo...not photo page, but page for individual photo, and there is no options button, there may be program glitch showing up on your page. not sure if that can happen on just one page of a website, but anything is possible when it comes to computer glitches. so..if you don't see that options button, contact site for help. scroll all the way down as far as you can to the bottom of the page. on the lower right in tiny print...you will see choices..."badges" ... "report an issue" .... "terms of service" click on "report an issue". page opens w choices for you ... click on "other" then write a brief note in dialogue box about your inability to delete photo. tell them you can find no options button or whatever. i have used this option a couple of times, they are very quick to respond, and very helpful.

let me know how you do, what happens & good luck. i hope this all helps.


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