After Pam Bono's untimely death the majority of her patterns have been unavailable. I would like to finish the quilt but it really needs the border.

I purchased Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 16 # 12 which had the pattern for the center of the Remembrance Poppies Quilt but the border was published in Vol 17 #1.  I have tried searching for the now out of print issue and would like to ask if anyone has a copy.  Keepsake Quilting sold the entire pattern and also a kit but alas that is also no longer available through their site.

I am hoping someone out there in Quilt land can help.  Thanks.

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Carla:  Thanks for the link to Charlottes Sewing Ctr....  I will send an email tomorrow.  I too taught Pam Bono Classes - Out of the Darkness , A New Beginning & Pieces of Baltimore.  I also have many of her books which have patterns for many quilts.  I will keep looking and hope someone else out there actually made it and can sell or share the border....  I do have a friend who made the entire quilt but she has gotten sick and has 'misplaced' her original pattern.....  This is just frustrating because I just bought a new house and the quilt would look Stunning on my entrywall done with a Black Background! 

Thank You for the above msgs...  

you are welcome. i hope it works out for you.

I have the complete pattern.  If you still need the border information, let me know and I will send it to you.


Yes Kristin I need the border information.

Please let me know the details.

Thank You,


Jancy, what is the best way for me to get you the pages?

Kristen:  If they can be photocopied then snailmail would be great.  If you email me at jobinamom@gmail I'll give you the address.....

Thank You......


Check your email. :)

I have Pam's pattern borders included of the Remembrance poppies if you still need it could email it

Denise - Thank You for your kind offer....  Another member has responded from here in the US and she is sending me the border instructions....  Thank You.....

Since you have the pattern did you make it?  I am planning on making it with a Black Background similair to the Out of The Darkness pattern by Pam...  The Black Background is so stunning - it's a bit hard on the eyes while working on it but so worth the end results..........

Thank you - Jancy

Not yet its on my to do list I want to make out of the darkness first. I also thought black would make a more dramatic looking quilt.I have a lot of Pam's patterns from Pam's club a great web site she is sadly missed.


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