After Pam Bono's untimely death the majority of her patterns have been unavailable. I would like to finish the quilt but it really needs the border.

I purchased Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 16 # 12 which had the pattern for the center of the Remembrance Poppies Quilt but the border was published in Vol 17 #1.  I have tried searching for the now out of print issue and would like to ask if anyone has a copy.  Keepsake Quilting sold the entire pattern and also a kit but alas that is also no longer available through their site.

I am hoping someone out there in Quilt land can help.  Thanks.

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i found a pattern i was looking for at

i was able to buy the entire magazine that the pattern was in for less than $5  (Irish Quilting was the magazine)


Is it the same pattern that was in Austrailian Patchwork & Quilting and just the border?  I have the center pattern but at the end of the article it tells you "in order to complete the pattern the border and finishing instructions are in Vol #17 - Issue #1"

I went to the website and could not find it...but the magazine - if available would be  a digital edition and I'm not sure how that works...  I would feel more comfortable with a "real magazine' or the pattern...

Thanks for looking,   Jancy

what i got was a digital copy of the magazine, and i was able to print out the entire pattern.



Thank You for the additional info.  I was unable to 'open' the download link, so I guess I'm not going to be able to use this source...  I will keep looking.



jancy, mary --- exe is not a link. that is the indicater that a program is being installed. "exe" = execute ..76 kb indicates file size

Have you tried posting on some of the Face Book quilt groups? Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville, and Pat Sloan's group seem to have a lot of international followers.

No Vickie I was unaware of those additional sources but I will give it a shot.

here is a link that has quit a few though i didn't see the one you seek, i wonder if you might have better luck trying to find the annual for that year that contains all of the years magazines. or even a collection book that may have it in there.

also this person may be able to help.

wow! carla ..i just tried your link & you hit paydirt :)) no pattern link, but she definitely seems to have access to it.

i,m trying the wayback machine, but it's stuck in 2011 :((

i have a couple of the free patterns saved & the links still work, but i never joined thier "club" so i don't have a link to the rmembrance quilt.

i was a member 25 dollars a year. but after everything that happened they shut down the site. i'm hoping the person in the above link will be willing to share the pattern since she taught the class. :)

i hope so too. robert did most of the designs, mostly comprised of geometric shapes & applique border elements. the image in your link is so good, i think a person could duplicate it fairly easily. i was a new journeyer to their site, was only beginning to explore the free patterns & read the blogs when they died & two suns shut everything down. the only page i can get to load w wayback machine has three blocks pam designed several years ago. looks to be thier usual hst's & rectangles/squares & i am going to make a pattern for them. i think the same could be done for the border of "Remembrance". scroll down for the flowers on this link


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