Watching Gunsmoke and counting how many quilts I see.  All are beautiful.  Just wish they would leave them on long enough to really see them.  Even the wallpaper and rugs look like quilts.  Do I have quilting on the brain?

What shows do you watch that have quilts?

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Garnie, I often see quilts not just on tv but every where I go. At the post office there are three postcard themed wall hangings, my kids doctors office has a baby animal quilt hanging in reception & a doll house with a Ohio Star quilt painted on the living room wall (kids couldn't believe I spotted that one). I often see quilt blocks in tiles. Mostly in building lobbys and kitchen back splashes on TV shows & movies. My favorite is the eTrade baby commercial where he's in jail, aka his crib, with his laptop for riding his dog like a horse, his quilt is so cute. I too have quilting on the brain. C'est la vie; that's the life of a quilter :o)
my husband & i did what we called the Civil War & Southern Belle tour this summer. went from Texas up to West Virginia, over to the coast, then down to come across Georgia & Louisiana back to Texas. we fit in some quilt shops, expected to see quilts in old historic homes & some museums, but it was amazing all the other places i got to spot them. very fun!
i laughed when i saw this. i ALWAYS notice the quilts in movies etc.... meg ryan always has a quilt on her bed in her movies. i love the one she uses in ''you've got mail'' it's double sided.  one she has on one of her sets ""sleepless in seattle"" is spinning tulips in pots. it's my favorite, and it took watching it several times for me to see what it was. i always pay attention to the backrounds. i agree. they should just freeze it on the quilts for a minute. LOL  

I thought I was the only one who noticed quilts on TV shows....I've been watching old reruns of "Big Valley".  They have one quilt that seems to show up on a lot of shows.  I've seen it in the Barkley home, also on hotel beds, on some bed where someone is sick or injured and in a totally different town. It's so funny now to see "the quilt" in so many different places.  :))

i am that way with animals. noticing same horse or dog in different shows. or using different dogs, horses, or cats as supposedly one animal.

I also watch the old TV shows for quilts.  I just wish some of the old black and white shows were in color.  I was watching and episode of Wagon Train and wishing I was recording the show so I could look at the quilt they had hanging in the background.  I have also noticed lattice designs in the background of shows and blankets that I think were Indian designs that would be good quilt designs.  I remember noticing a Indian blanket hanging on a wall in a John Wayne movie and lattice work in a Star Trek movie.

i love how you mention John Wayne AND Star Trek!!! they are two of my favs. i watch them a lot when quilting 'cause i can listen and know what is going on, without having to watch. i watch John Wayne movies from 30s-70s. i am all about Kirk, Spock and the gang in Star Trek. do the orignal series, movies 1-6, and now the two young crew movies. i don't do Next Generation or the other ST series.

Oh, Yeah, any time there's a "bedroom scene"  I'm looking for quilts.  Actually, I've seen several on different shows/movies.

I love gunsmoke !!

Just remember there are no rules about what you can create through quilting. Experiment, learn new skills, practice them.

i certainly don't follow any rules in my quilting. ~~~hahaha~~~


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