Watching Gunsmoke and counting how many quilts I see.  All are beautiful.  Just wish they would leave them on long enough to really see them.  Even the wallpaper and rugs look like quilts.  Do I have quilting on the brain?

What shows do you watch that have quilts?

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The only shows I watch that have quilts on them are the Saturday morning PBS shows...Sewing with Nancy, Fons and Porter and Quilting Arts.  I do remember seeing a few on the Waltons (I was watching re-runs last week when I didn't feel like doing anything).

I wish I was a brand new quilter...I was so obsessed and just couldn't get enough.  I thought about quilting all the time, read quilting books, worked on projects, etc.  I loved that obsessed feeling!  And that's when I made the most quilts...during my first 2 or 3 years of quilting.  Now I've slowed down.  I guess it's like marriage.  Extra exciting in the beginning but eventually you settle down!

Garnie, did you know that a lot of the fabric designed now is based on old wallpaper.  A lot of the Moda designers do.  So many of the shows now a days do have quilts in them, but my favorite is when I see them in a movie and I can Still Frame the movie and admire.  As for quilting on the brain......I dream about quilts.
for me quilts & tv are a bit different ;-) i watch (or mostly listen) to tv, dvd, vhs, etc as i quilt. i especially like watching old favorites like Star Trek or John Wayne, where i already know the action, so i only need the soundtrack to follow everything.
Susann, I thought I was the only one who did this. I always play dvd's or dvr'd shows & movies while I'm quilting. My kids roll their eyes and say "Mom, you're watch (enter title here) again. How many times are you gonna watch that?" I tell them I'm not really watching it, its just background noise for my quilting zone. The new Star Trek movie is one of my favorites (the kids hate Star Trek). I change to classical music if they keep interrupting my quilting time. That always gets me a reprieve. :^)
i LOVE Star Trek!!! i am an old school trekkie! My usual quilt cycle of Star Trek is Star Trek TOS, Star Trek movies 1-6, Star Trek 2009 movie, then Galaxy Quest (with Tim Allen, it is like ST on drugs ... very funny & a great tribute spoof of ST).

i am lucky that my girls also love Star Trek & John Wayne, so they didn't fuss when they were little & i was quilting to ST or the Duke. ;-) in fact they both got As in an American history project thankz to my ST addiction & quilting. one had to learn it one year & the other the next year. they are 15 months apart & were a grade apart in sch.

they needed to memorize the preamble to the constitution & were having trouble with it. i was down quilting, watching ST, & it occured to me that Captain Kirk recites it in 'the omega glory' episode. i thought maybe the combo of hearing & reading as memorizing might help. so, we popped that in & did rewind until they had it down pat. did that two years in a row. it was sooo awesome. they were each the only student in their class that memorized whole thing. teacher asked oldest daughter how she did it & he was shocked when she told him. following year, when daughter did it, he looked at her and asked, "Star Trek?" ~~~hahaha~~~
That is so awesome. I've gotta share that story with my kids. I never considered ST to be educational just a lot of fun to watch.
Star Trek was the inspiration for much of the modern technological conveniences we have today. Desktop computers, miniature cellular phones, handheld medical scanners & such, non-invasive medical autopsies & the other ways to look inside the body, many military advancements, and the list goes on & on. lots of budding scientists, techno-nerds, & other geniuses started as trekkies &/or sci-fi fans. they looked at the possibilities of a fictional future & asked "why not for real & in my lifetime?"
You pause your DVR when you see a quilt on a TV show. Then you can gaze at it to your heart's content!
A DVR is the only way to watch TV.  I am in the living room in the evenings where my DH is, and I don't always pay close attention to what is on TV.  DH records almost everything so he can skip through the ads or go back to something I missed.
i hardly ever watch anything on TV that isn't DVRed. it is so much nicer to do it on my time line and without ads. i especially like it when quilting, 'cause sometimes i need to watch a scene, not just listen & with DVR i can go back & see watch i might have missed while doing something where i could not look up.
You know, Garnie, you sound like the typical newly addicted quilter....are you dreaming about quilts too?  That's a sure sign you've got the bug!
i have actually done that! ;-) wake up all pumped to start a new project ... even while in the midst of a current one. sometimes sooo hard to put off new to complete old, but i do it. i do not like UFOs around my quilt room


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