My handy man husband is renovating my quilting room and I am so excited.  I want this room to be my any of you have any suggestions, maybe something that you wish you had to make your quilting experience easier or maybe storage ideas?  Any suggestions are welcome.  The room is not huge, it is a 10 x 10 bedroom we are renovating and it is big enough, but still room is an issue.  I will post before and after pictures when we finish.  I am GEEKED!!!

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Love this new shelving unit DH made!!!


cabs under table...unfinished premade at lowes or thier competitor....or...habitat for humanity re-store. one of my favorite toy outs .  love the room.

does this mean that dh is all done and freed up and can come start on my basement?

just thought i would get my request/bid in here early. lollollollollol...there is going to be a lot of requests for his industrious talents by others here!!!!

TAA DAAH...I even have room for a design wall...the wall to the right of the shelving is open for design.  I just purchased a Fons and Porter Design wall to put up there.  Hope it works out ok.

Love what your handy man has done, He does nice work, do you rent him out?  Absolutely beautiful.  Enjoy your time in there .

That is great. How wonderful to have a new remodeled quilting room. My wish would be to a stationary design board that is large enough for a full size bed plus a little more. I don't dare ask for a queen size. 

Linda Thank you....So would I love a huge design wall, but the room is only so big.  I have the Fons and Porter Design wall coming and it is 60 x 70...not real big but it should be ok :)

hi linda, janie. in my last sewing room. i took packing box for refrigerator. glued felt to it . this is before they talked about flannel design walls. dh laughs at me when i tell him about seeing one of my old ideas pop up in mag or discussions. oh well. but we attached my 'design wall' to the wall of the room with screws [washers to keep from going all the way thru the cardboard]. the house was c. 1870 bungalow. small rooms but 8 1/2 ft ceilings after being lowered fr 12ft. my card board design wall fit [i had pieced it so it was two layers of cardboard] floor to ceiling and was about 5 ft wide. the quilt i made after i moved here for my son would not have fit. but i did several commissioned works and stuff for friends and fam ...normal twin, queen etc and they worked on that wall. it held up thru 14yrs of use. and was a pain in the rear when i took it down and tried to break it down to haul to dump when getting ready to move from that house. lollollol  for my nxt sew rm [working on doing unfinished basement] i am going to used sliding closet type doors...1/4 inch ply wood with contractors thin foam attached covered with felt. i like felt better than flannel. heavier. doesn't give...first thing i tried, like i said above, before the flannel thing started, so will stay with it, the felt. right now i have placed small picture hanging press in hooks above the frame of deck door [out of site and no hole to fill later] and attached a width of felt to them and sewed sleeve for dowel to keep it hanging straight w/out 'draping' . pretty small but i can do quite a bit on it, so for now it works. wish we could move a little faster on the basement tho. lollol...the din rm is very sm and i don't have a lot of places to hide all the sewing stuff when we have dinner company. hahahahah

My wife has been using the double 3-feet sliding doors for a few years and loves it.  She has covered the panels with foam and flannel.  The panels slide independently in front of a cupboard and shelving so that she still has access to storage behind the wall, in the closet or on the shelves.  It takes up very little space and is very functional.  If she's working on a small project she can keep the panels slid one in front of the other as the other is not used.  Works well. 

hi jean-guy. yah..that is my plan. i am going to build a wall floor to ceiling shelf unit. with lower area out a bit, sorta like a hutch. my over-all plan is do the room as a 'family room' and use it as my sewing room while we live here. as i have never lived anywhere for long, and tho dh says this is more moving. i make my 'five-year plans' anyway. but i can use the large shelf storage [behind my proposed sliding doors] if/when we move i can have cabinet doors put on lower area of the 'hutch' storage unit and it will be quite nice. as i usually have sev projects going at a time my thought was that the sliding doors could each be a place for wip space. i am getting excited about it. have rec'd used cherry kitchen cabs which i am refinishing and painting cream - still trying to figure out best/cheapest counter top idea that would be nice in a family room also.


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