My handy man husband is renovating my quilting room and I am so excited.  I want this room to be my any of you have any suggestions, maybe something that you wish you had to make your quilting experience easier or maybe storage ideas?  Any suggestions are welcome.  The room is not huge, it is a 10 x 10 bedroom we are renovating and it is big enough, but still room is an issue.  I will post before and after pictures when we finish.  I am GEEKED!!!

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so excited for you!!  every quilter need a space she can call her own.  and lots of fabic to fill the shelves.

After new drywall and wood floors (took forever) --the cabinets are up and the walls have been painted.  I want the room to be cheery and fun.  Most of the colors in my home are rather subdued or muted colors so, guess what, I painted the walls a beautiful PEACH color with white cabinets and trim.  This is rather out of the box for me, but I think it will be really inviting and nice.  Besides, I heard that peach is the only color that goes with all other colors.  When I put wall quilts up I won't have to be concerned about how it will look with the paint color.  It is coming together sooo beautifully.  Can't wait till it is done so I can share pictures with you all.  Next project are the tables, one higher for cutting and one lower for sewing. 

The quilting magazine had a really fantastic story in it a couple of years of ways women re-did their quilting rooms.  I like the idea of fabric in clear totes on shelves - you can see what you are looking for without removing the fabric.  Some of the ideas for desks to work at were amazing!  I like the kind that folds up and can be put away - not that mine would be put away very often:)

i have seen that article too. and i have read here and at the quilting board forum on sewing rooms about using the clear plastic bins. in my last sewing room tho the fabric was not exposed to sunlight...when i would dig thru looking for what would work in a project i started noticing that there would be faded area along fold of fabric exposed to the light in the room. used incandescent... i have also seen quilts entered in our local quilt show that were faded as though they were in sun all the time. one acquaintence that had entered such a quilt, was upset because of the fading...she said 'but it is only 6mo old!' no sun...just the light in the liv rm where it was displayed. question is...have any of you who use the clear plastic totes experienced fading from the lights in your room? i like the idea of plastic tote storage as opposed to open shelves...esp here in the desert where even the closed windows don't seem to keep all the dust out! have been planning what i might do for this house for fabric storage when i get my basement finished and ready to set up for sewing.

really enjoying this discussion. you don't have to be a member but if you are interested i can post the link to the forum on sewing rooms over at the quilting board site. i wandered thru there for a long time before i finally joined. but lots of photos ...lots of ideas...

hi Janie, I am Robin from Saskatchewan, Canada.  My sewing room is 14 x 18,  but in the basement.  I don't have a lot of natural light so my walls are a nice sunny yellow.  I don't have much for storage, other than rubber maid tubs.  One suggestion I do have is, make sure your cutting area is as spacious as you can get, and the right height.  I bought an old wooden dining room table at a garage sale, and Hubby , who isn't handy, put a 8 x 12 sheet of straw board on top, I raised it with 6 inch  molded plastic  forms meant for lifting a bed to a better height.  I bought them from Mary Maxim.  My sewing table is about 12 feet long, and 3 feet deep, I am waiting for a hinged extension to go on the back for when I am doing free motion quilting.  You need something to support the weight of your quilt, makes things much easier.  Good luck with your renovation.  Robin

Robin,  Thank you for your suggestions.  Your room sounds like a great size for quilting.   The sewing table size is a great idea and I plan on having a sewing table big enough for FMQ.  My room isn't as big as yours, but I think I can come up with something that will work just fine.   Would love to have a room big enough for the hugh table but I am dealing with a 10 x 10 space.  It is coming together really nice, so far.

What about using shelving with clear bins and putting a group of doors on the front where you can hang your project to look at it?  You could put tack board on the outside of the doors where you can pin pictures of projects you want to do, with a heavy board above them (on the wall above the doors) where you can hang the completed quilt top as you decide on the binding, etc.

By the way, the tables that could be folded up also contained storage under them.  It was a place to put your sewing machines, thread, etc.

I NEED SUGGESTIONS QUICK !!!!       My husband is installing my cutting table today...probably this morning and I need suggestions on the height.  Is it convenient to have the cutting table at sitting height or should I have it at standing height.  I always had it at standing height before and was just wondering if anyone had input on sitting while cutting.  I am leaning toward standing height.

Hi Janie,my husband cut my table and it's 32 inches,but that includes rollers he put on.I'm 5/2inch and I would say anywhere from 30-32 inches would be good.It also depends on how tall you are too.

I do not like to sit when I'm cutting because you don't have good control on your rotary cutter plus it could slip,standing is the way I would go.


Thanks Pat...I am 5"7" so if I add 5" to your calculations than I should be good to go.  Good thought on the control issue.

hello all...i am 5'3" w/serious back desease - sitting, standing for long periods of time cause unrelenting built my sewing table...had me come out to shop and he measured from hieght that i held my hand [that felt comfortable ht for me for working...sewing or cutting] and built my table to that height. he is an engineer...all that he builds has to meet requirements of his "hell for stout" motto. so...even on wheels i prob would have trouble moving it. but he built shelves under it to which i added tracks to accomodate drawers salvadged from reno project.

when sewing or stitching on binding etc i have wooden 'bar stool' to sorta perch/lean on to save leg issues...but i stand up to sew, cut, draft ...whatever. right now i only have the kitchen counter - good height - albeit not great height & the din room table...counter not enough room for drafting and beding over the table does shorten my productive time because of spinal issues.

hmmmm...just had a my phys/health issues and i am sure that many of us here have same or similar issues....but still we quilt...we find ways to indulge our love of quilting. so cool.

I also have back issues, fractured two vertabra in my lower back two summers ago,  Hurts to stand or sit in any one position  for too long.  Like you said, we still quilt.   It is my obession.  Unlike you, my hubby is not handy, never has been and doesn't even want to try, so if I need anything done, either do it myself, or find a friend.  I am 5' 5" , I keep my ironing board as high as it can go when I am doing a pieced project, if I am foundation piecing, it is as low as is comfortable to press while sitting, so just have to swivel my chair around.  We all learn to adapt to what is most comfortable for us. Happy quilting!!!


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