My handy man husband is renovating my quilting room and I am so excited.  I want this room to be my any of you have any suggestions, maybe something that you wish you had to make your quilting experience easier or maybe storage ideas?  Any suggestions are welcome.  The room is not huge, it is a 10 x 10 bedroom we are renovating and it is big enough, but still room is an issue.  I will post before and after pictures when we finish.  I am GEEKED!!!

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lucky you!!! my husband, friends, and family turned our over-size two-car garage into a quilt room for me and it's been such a blessing. my main suggestion would be for lots of shelves ;-)

I think the most important is proper lighting.  Good artificial lights for night time and I love my machine in front of a window.  Make sure there are enough elec. outlets for your machine, iron, TV, radio, etc. so you can have everything operating at the same time.  A space at the left of your machine that is flush (height wise) so your projects can lay flat vs. hanging down.  Work surfaces, chairs, ironing boards, cutting tables all at appropriate height for you.  And then proper storage.  I have an area where I can see the fabric and therefore making the selecting process easy but make sure this area is out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. 


Enjoy the process!  Sit in your sewing chair in the middle of your new empty room, close your eyes and imagine where you would like everything.

This is all  helpful for me too. I am just now taking  over the bedroom over the garage that belonged to my two oldest boys. They are both in college and getting apartments now so they are actually taking all of their stuff out of there. :-) It is my room now!  The first thing I had my husband do was raise a table for me so that it is the height of my kitchen counters. It makes cutting fabric much easier on my back. I am still working on what else I want in their. I hand piece and quilt and do most of that in the living room, so my quilting room is mostly for cutting and storing right now.

another important thing is to enjoy the new room and not stress over the things you forgot to include ;-) it will all work just fine even if not quite perfect

Hi Janie,

I was so thrilled to get my own space too.  My favorite thing is my fabric storage.  Since you are taking over a bedroom it already has a closet.  If it is like most closets, wider vs walk in... the depth is perfect for stacking your fabric flat on shelves using the fabric bolt boards that most fabric comes on.  I don't fold my fabric small like I see some people do.  Fabric bolt boards are made to wrap the fabric a 1/4 yd at a time (this aids shop owners to quickly see how much fabric is left on the bolt!).  This is great for us too.  Since I love scrappy quilts, I mostly buy 1/4 yd at a time.  I can lay a 1/4 yd flat on the boards, and add several or as little as I want for each board. And I don't have to iron much.  I sometimes take a large marker and label the board ends if it isn't obvious what they are, like for scenic fabrics, trees, fabric groups or a special project.  When I'm searching for a particular fabric, it is easy to pull out the stack you need and flip through the pieces on the stack.  I lay the fabric "fold" side to the front of the closet.  These boards are great for keeping your projects together, when you are ready to work on them, just pull out the whole stack board , and take it over to your sewing machine or ironing platform.  I also keep my batting pieces on these boards too, with a check list of sizes and shapes.  I pin a small piece of paper on the batting with it's size so I don't have to open each piece to see what it is.  Then when I use a piece of batting I check it off my list or relabel it with it's new size.  Since I like to have easy access to my fabrics and the sliding doors made it more difficult, I just took them off and replaced them with a white curtain. 

My next favorite thing is my ironing platform.  I made it out of a hollow core door, covered it with an old wool blanket, then topped off with just some light colorfast fabric, all stapled to the bottom.  Since space is always a concern I only made it 24"x52".  This gives you enough space to open your fabric (42") and still have a place for your iron.  This is a fairly  lightweight platform which I just sit it on some file cabinets with wheels.  I've also been known to take it to our guild workshops and just set it on a table.

Let us know when you are ready for some ideas about design boards!  Sometimes my friends call me to come over to play with fabric on my design boards!

Have fun setting up your new space.  I look forward to pictures.

p.s. I got my adjustable shelves from Home Depot.


THANK YOU all for your wonderful suggestions.  Fabric storage (I like the fabric on bolts idea), lighting, cutting table at correct height, level table left of machine, electrical outlets, iron surface, CHECK.   I have one window in the room which is plenty of natural light for the size of the room, but I was contemplating on whether to put cutting table there or sewing table there.  If I put my sewing center there I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see out the window, so I put my chair in front of the window, sat in it and whalaa I can see out the window.  (That was rather elementary :).   So thanks to you ladies, that decision has been made.  Thanks to you guys... I keep adding to the list and every time I do, I can see the wheels in Gerry's mind going.  He is trying to figure out how to make these ideas work.  Poor guy, he is so talented I'm sure he will figure it out.

Hi Janie,My husband use to do woodworking in our oversized 1 car garage,after he was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have long to live,he and a friend converted it into a quilt workshop for me.He made my table for my machine which sits down in instead of on top of the table.He took 1 4x8 sheet of plywood and made a table for me,put a shelf under it and then there's space under the table where you can store containers.I purchased a vinyl tablecloth for the top and stapled it to the sides.Another thing was to put rollers on table so you can move it.I realize you have a 10x10 table,you would have 2 feet to get around it if you push one end up against the wall,that's where the rollers come in handy you can move it out to get in the back.

Also he made me an ironing board by cutting a 16x24 plywood,I then put batting then material on top and stapled it all down in back.

I'm very lucky,I have a long arm machine set up,2 large tables.and 3 smaller tables which he also made.


As far a lighting he had 10 flourescent lights installed,wonderful lighting.

It may be a garage but everyone that sees it wishes they had it.


Hi Patbruck, I'm sure it is a lovely space for your quilting adventures.  The wheels on the tables sounds like a great idea.  Hmmm...something to think about.

have moved a lot over the mobile careers. have never had custom just for me sewing/craft room. always been spare bedroom. the most important thing that i learned over the years i learned from during sojourn in a little house where i used a tiny spare bedroom. on the door my son, who loved stickers, placed one small sticker that stated 'keep out' with cartoon of hand caught in mousetrap. :}} ...he also drew a t-rex and taped it to the door. i asked him about the dinosaur and he said...well if the mouse trap doesn't work...the t-rex will.

essentially he understood better than i, what a sanctuary that room was for a busy, busy mom who sometimes needed a quiet creative hideaway.

so make sure that you have your sanctuary in place. i have also found that the room will build itself when you get into don't try to anticipate ...the natural lighting, the shape of the room ...all these things go into the creation of a space that is perfect for you. i am working on my basement...the first thing was windows-for light. nxt shelves...then i will just let it evolve...oh yea...i can worry about lighting etc for last- dh thinks this is nuts...but i want to leave the ceiling for last ...then i will know where i want fans, if i want them ...where i want lights...or if i want to keep what is there...what kind of lights... and make sure all the electrical, phone lines etc are all as good as can be to the rest of the house above before i close it off -

have fun....

what a great adventure

HI rogue quilter...I just love it, maybe I will have a sign on my door as well.  I am excited to make this my own.  The room was my quilting area to begin with, but not much to look at...that is why my Gerry has decided to renovate and make it great for me.  I understand what you are saying about it coming together as I work in it, the space will eventually become mine.

I am not much of a drinker, BUT I thought I would put a wine rack in there, just to see how it goes, do a little quilting and drink a little wine, a little quilting-drink a little wine.  Sounds just lovely!!!

roflm* your reply and laughed so loud disturbed my poor ailing wdog!!!! but...hmmm on the surface that sounds like such a cool!!!! idea. little work, little sip & ponder what nxt...little drip...ooops...sigh! i think i may be to much of a klutz to have wine with my working....also...that wine rack might take up space that i could use for fabric, notions, toys [read - tools] and my decorator tins filled with buttons and what not...oh and all my little sewing collectable googaws from my years of wandering and snooping thru others cast-offs etc.....

so...will continue present practice. occasional glass whilst me and the fuzzies congregate and watch the birds at the feeder as the sun slips below the mountains on the horizon.

yah...that might be better than contemplating the removal of little wee bits of cabernet sauvignon on my pretty pink and green quilt blocks ....hahahahahahah

Yeah you are on to something...a few sips -drips- of wine could end up being a permanent fixture on one of my family heirlooms.  But then again, it would give them something to talk about years from now.  Like when grandma used to lock herself in her quilting room and "sip" (I mean "drip") and "quilt"--"sip"(drip) and "quilt".   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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