It would be great to see quilting spaces to get some ideas on organization.
Post up some ideas or pictures of your own.

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Why get a note pad use a Chuck and rite on the chuck board in front of your drawer were your material is going to be at ! Each drawer has a space to write on individual drawer in front is a chuck board , each drawer are long and deep . If you have a man around the house have him make one instead of byeing one like I did . I don't have a man in the house but that's okay I still bought one and I love it !!! :)


I just finished going through my sewing room, putting away, picking up, throwing out, sorting things to give away.  After 7+ hours, I found one of my UFO's for this year's 10 items to finish list. Somehow it got placed in my "fabric" box. (later explanation) 

Emptied out one large bag and one lunch bag of scraps to make two chihuahua size pillows for the local no kill shelter. Found my red work embroidery blocks, pressed them, then cut them down to a workable size. Put entire project into a project bag I can take with me for handwork.  Put away fabric and fabric and fabric: I know not how it escaped the closet. Put together new fan for the cutting table and got it plugged in/working.  Pulled 4" triangle paper for 1/4 square triangle blocks (that's what I was looking for in the first place) from the proper storage bin.  Pulled scraps and foundation fabric to start making guild exchange blocks - crumb blocks.

"Fabric box" is a large blue storage bin that contains specialty fabrics I don't want mixed with my regular quilting fabrics - hand dyes, lame', true indigo fabrics, Kasuri Dye Works fabrics, shaped pre-cuts, etc.

Is my sewing room neat?  Not by a long shot.  But it's now in condition for me to work on a few more projects before I have to go through this again...  I'm really procrastinating.  I have two projects on the design wall (Photo). Neither one of them inspire me.  That's why they are UFO's.  But they will be finished and they will become useful to someone, somewhere. 

Will be so glad when I get the "stuff" moved out of my office and I can get my long arm set up there.  Then about 20% of the sewing room clutter will go where it belongs - with the long arm...

what kind of longarm do you have, Ruth? Bet you're chomping at the bit to get it set up...please post picture of your newly organized "longarm room", then your even more organized( by then ) sewing room:)

Riana, I have a 6 year old Tin Lizzie 18.  A Plain Jane work horse of a machine that only gets tempermental when I do something dumb...   I can use her in her temporary position, a walkway from kitchen to office (through living room), but it is inconvenient and a snug squeeze on one end.  She was planned to go into my "office" not long after we moved back into our house, summer of 2012.  18 months of office, plus move has left a mess in the office, I'm still trying to clean up.  Need to get cleaning people in - once I've moved out office stuff. 

Any way, we do this it will be a major furniture move of stuff from one end/side of office room to the other, plus stuff out.  All small furniture has to go in first, because Lizzie gets the middle of the room and there won't be space around her to move a file drawer set, a sewing table, a computer printer, etc. without twisting and turning and trying to throw my back out.  Since summer heat has started, I expect this will be a late October/November move.

In the meantime, I suck in my tummy, quilt in the hall; and, wish.

l have a Bailey ( also very basic) on a homemade frame in the attic above our garage. It's not insulated, so l can only use it in mornings or l'd cook. ln winter l set it down in my sewing room counter, where there's a cut-out & use it that way. Just be glad you're "inside" tummy muscles in good shape helps keep your back in good shape not all bad:)

Just got my sewing area back after a flood ruined our basement. The cutout in the counter that's unoccupied is where my Bailey 15" midarm goes when it gets too cold in garage loft. The frame is way too big for this room, as it's also my laundry.

As you can see, I now also have a little helper...that step table isn't usually there, hubby was painting next room...but I may have do make Molly a more permanent perch:)

Riana, looks very good.  And Molly does look quite comfy.

Your sewing area looks very very neat.  I have never, ever had a sewing area that neat - only when I was sewing on the kitchen table and had to put everything away each day - because I didn't have a specific sewing area.  Aren't we lucky!!!!  We now have a space to do our thing.

Ruth, it gets pretty messy at the cutting table ( l'll post that maybe tomorrow) , but yes, l hate spending sewing time hunting for stuff, or worse yet, losing a tool.After years in drapery business where my open concept workroom/showroom was dropped in on by clients, l've trained myself to put things away as soon as l'm done w/them. There is a certain amount of clutter while sewing, but l put everything away at the end of my day's sewing...projects in their own totes ea. , fabrics in appropriate bins, tools in drawers...everything but what's on the design feels so good to start w/clean slate the next day:)

I need suggestions.  I am working on the quilt from Nightmare on Quilt Street.  It's all Batiks and I'm breaking thread constantly.  In the 10in squares I'm putting a simple dahlia using the new Top Anchor templates.  Yesterday it took 7 hrs to quilt 4 blocks. Lots of crying and yelling at the dogs.  ( It's better than yelling at my husband).  Any suggestions?  This is a customer quilt.  Help!!!!!!



Breaking thread would lead me to check the needle first to make sure it is in straight and there are no burrs on it.. Then I would check the tension.  I've never had thread breakage based on fabric type (seams don't count).  So, if you are not sewing through a bunch of seams I would look at the machine and at the thread.  Have you changed thread, just to make sure what you are using is good?

Once that's good, I'd check the level of the quilt lying on the bed of the machine.  Is your take-up bar too high?

And with that, I'm out of suggestions.  I've done a lot of batiks.  I am very tentative with them because the close weave causes the bigger long arm needle to punch holes rather than go between threads....hmmm, have you tried a smaller needle?   Now I really am out of ideas.

I've used size 14,16,and 18.  I don't have a 20.  I also don't have any other thread in this color and I've made it through 1 row of 7 blocks plus sashing top, bottom and between each of those blocks so I don't want to change the thread because that would be a lot of unstitching.  I've changed needles so many times that I know it's not the needle.  I wish I had those 20's and you can bet I'll pick up a pak when I go back to the shop.  I will check the level of the quilt on the machine bed though, 1st thing in the am,  because I didn't have this much trouble on the 1st row.  I don't know why I didn't think of that. DUH!!!  Maybe I'm just tired.  Thanks so much for your input.  I'll post again when this thing is finished, or I need more ideas.  Anyone got a match?  LOL


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