It would be great to see quilting spaces to get some ideas on organization.
Post up some ideas or pictures of your own.

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Here is my newly rearranged sewing area.  My fabrics are stored in the laundry room next door.  I didn't have room for it all here.  My kids helped me to rearrange and paint.  Love the area!


To have your quilted stitches more clearly visible on lighter coloured fabrics, pull the thread slightly more taut than usual.

we just moved from TN to CA. when we looked at the house we live in now i went into one of the bedrooms and it had  1 wall with floor to ceiling shelving and the closet is all shelves. i knew that this had to be my new sewing room!

Congratulations on finding the perfect home for your sewing:) Check out the recent work l did to my laundry/sewing room to make it even better in my blog  on Myquiltplace( check on my profile page). l'd been gathering ideas for years to use, and you may find something helpful.

i looked at your pictures and it looks like you have a great sewing spot. i can keep mine that neat to until I start a new projects and then it looks like a hurricane has hit!

l  always tidy AFTER l'm finished a sewing session. A flat plastic hinged box l call my "project box" is where current parts/pieces go ( those not on large or small design wall). That way nothing gets accidently folded up into a sheet  when doing laundry,only to be found 2 wk. after l need it, lol.It gets pretty messing while quilts are "under construction":))

I thought a little dresser very small one that the front of it was chalkboard so that way I organize my materials I can write down we're my certain material will be , instead of looking all over for them .
great idea! my last home i had a sewing room. lots of shelves where things would hide from me. so i kept a little spiral notebook of locations of different craft project materials & findings, my different home dec things & materials, clothing making notions & fabrics & of course the different types & styles of quilt fabrics. didn't worry about where diff projects were, as then i had more free time & finished before next start or worked on several simultaneously. i would layer my design wall or tack sheets to front of shelves to pin another wip too. your chalk board is great idea tho. i was thinking of a dry erase board for list of current thoughts on wip's in progress & list of need to do's & that could also be used for art work by grand treasures when they visit :))

my only problem would be i would probably lose the notebook.

i have shelves from floor to ceiling so i bought a bunch of baskets to try and keep  organized.

labels on the baskets or the shelves would be  good.

i think a dresser is a good idea, but i would get the biggest one i could fit in the space i had. that way you would increase your storage space too.

I tried storing my fabrics in a dresser and discovered that the fabrics began to smell of mildew.  I wasn't impressed.  I got rid of the dresser and put my fabrics on open shelves and cupboards and I haven't had any problem since.  Good luck, what ever you do. 

Will LADYS really you don't need to get a big dresser just fold your material right and net if have to iron them to fold rite ! That's what I do , my chak board dresser is awesome and I love it , it's the best thing that I ever thought of that works out for me , thanks to the store called Hobby Lobby were I got my dresser at !! Great and awesome idea for everyone
Thank you lady's for thinking this was a great idea I'm very happy with it too :)


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