It would be great to see quilting spaces to get some ideas on organization.
Post up some ideas or pictures of your own.

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Esmeralda, if you want lots of pics. & ideas go to  

 There you'll see one large pic. with thumbnails underneath. Scroll through these, and others pop up. They are organized alphabetically by owners' names. It seems where ever you sew , there's never enough space!

My DH and I built a 24 X 24 ' garage in 2001 and he put in a second floor for me as a sewing room. In the meantime, I got sick with cancer and severe COPD and haven't been able to do too much as far as getting it set up in a workable condition. In 2010 I won a gun raffle and exchanged it with DH for him to finish the insulation, and get some flooring in and make it workable for me. He did a pretty good job because he wanted that 357 then this past February he bought me a used Tin Lizzie 18 longarm and now it is set up and I try to reorganize something each time I'm up there. Last summer, he put in a man door from the back deck so I don't have to climb stair only 2 steps to get into "The Sewing Loft". I'm so thrilled with it I try to get into it every day that I can. I'm not looking forward to winter because we usually get lot of snow and I'll have to go outdoors to get in there, or climb the stair in the garage, hopefully it will be a mild winter LOL.


I definitely am going to check out sewing org, Riana, I really need some organizing ideas.

That's a beautiful quilt you're working on, Maxine!
Thank you Bridget. This was taken back in May, it was a Mystery Quilt and when I finished it, I gave it to my Brother and Sister-in-law for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They had arrived her from across the country on their 49th but at our age, we never know when we will see each other. The white was actually a very light Kona Cotton pink which was Louise's color when they got married. I was their maid of honor at the ripe old age of 18 lol! It was also my first quilt on my slightly used Tin Lizzie 18 longarm. They liked it so much they actually entered it into a show in S-I-L's Centennial in Aug. It didn't win (actually not surprised as it was not show material) but they said they got lots of wonderful comments on it.

I probably shouldn't admit it, but sometimes I can't even see the floor in my sewing room.

The reason there's no pics. of mine yet, is that, though I tidy up between projects(feels good to start fresh project in clear space), I still don't have it all set up the way I want. (I've lived here for 3 yr.) Hmmm, maybe I should implement some of those ideas I've been sitting on..LOL.

I don't know if I have mentioned that I sew in complete chaos, but I'm usually stepping over a multitude of things to get to my sewing area. I try to keep it to the edges since I use a rolling office chair to move from my ironing board to my sewing machine to my cutting table. So for me the creativity and chaos go hand in hand, I can't seem to have one without the other.  And Rhiana if you wait until your sewing room is perfectly organized we'll never see it because what is well organized today may not work for you in a year or two and we will always be changing and redoing because when we discover something not working we have to change it.  

I have a 10 x 11 foot bedroom with a closet that I use for my sewing room. We have put in engineered wood flooring, painted it and added a 6 foot wide window with blinds that I can put down in the summer time and I have a halogen light fixture in the center with three lights that I can point in any direction. My husband plans on building out the closed with shelves so that I can store my fabric in there instead of boxes in the closet in the upstairs landing. He talked about building me a shed outside with heating a lighting that I could use for my sewing studio. I want to get a longarm when I retire and open a small quilt shop/gardening shop at our home.

Then you won't really be retiring, but experiencing a career change. Are you sure you can stand to loose your privacy? One big reason I moved my drapery business out of house to commercial setting was the folks knocking on the door in the middle of dinner (or something else), with no regard to my appointment only policy. A "shed" would help, but then you may need a special permit for a commercial-use building, (and all the costly safety features and insurance). Don't want to rain on your parade, but starting a business is a BIG important decision. As for me, I've enjoyed my business & customers, but now i'm glad to just play & have fun :)

We already do our strawberry towers from our house.  So we know about the business cost.  We also used to have our own machine shop.  We just make sure our hours are clearly posted for our strawberry tower business.  I will wait until I retire from my current job as doing that and our business is already more than I can do right now.

Cheri, my daughter has a longarm business in a small quilting shed beside her house and she is SO glad she quit her job and started her own business.  It is a lot of headaches, but she feels they are well worth it.

Thanks to Kirsten and Lanaand Grandma Sal Mine can be seen by looking at my albums I hope others will share there sewing spaces also because we can all pick up organizing tips from one another.


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