It would be great to see quilting spaces to get some ideas on organization.
Post up some ideas or pictures of your own.

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Great idea!
This book is my number one recommendation for quilt space ideas:  I bought mine used for under $10.
Thank you. 
I like to keep my fabric in clear plastic storage containers to keep the dust off and for easy viewing.  My husband created shelving in my sewing room closet to house all the containers.
Very nicely organized!
I agree, Wish my room was so tidy!
I like the way your ironing board is set up.
Thanks!  Really easy to do; husband bought board and I wrapped with batting and plastic bag.  Upholstery material over top and stapled to back.  This is a old butcher block cabinet that I had for something and it works great.  I'm hoping that he'll add casters so I can roll it around easily if needed.
this is where the action happens in my room, I like that I can use my wheely chair and roll from ironing board, to sewing machine, to cutting mat.  There are more pics of my room in an album on my page, but I liked the idea of sharing pics of sewing spaces.
Very neat! 

If you want to see a compact sewing space, I can give you a couple of ideas on how to maximize the space you have.  I have a very understanding husband, and my sewing is not confined to one room.  I do have one "sewing room" in the house, but I also have a quilting room finished out in the garage.  In the house there is a hallway where I have my design wall.

My cutting table is on the left and my two Juki sewing machines are on either side of the window, with my serger sitting in between.  To the right is my "stash wall" which is where my ironing table sits.

Then if you turn around and look towards the hallway you can see my design wall.

The room looks pretty compact, but if you only have one person in there sewing, it really is pretty efficient.  I have a fair amount of fabric that won't all fit in my sewing room, but I have additional storage in my shop area out in the garage.  I have my Tin Lizzie out there in the garage and a closet that keeps anything else related to sewing that won't fit inside.

Thank you so much for the pictures. Getting ideas from other quilter really helps. I've only been quilting for about 8 years and my stash has grown extremely ! I would never think in a million years that I would have ever bought so much fabric, books, patterns etc. I have use of the basement but it's also my laundry room/ storage area. Thank you for your post. It's been a big help.  By the way I love the long arm!!


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