I have found the name of this pattern and where it was published. It is called Tahitian Postage Stamp and was featured on the cover of Quilt World Magazine May 1988. I tried to find the link to the person who wanted this but I don't have days to spend searching the site and I really am terrible at navigating it. This site really is not very user friendly. I am a techie and I am totally lost here....anyway....hope you see this and it helps!

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It wasn't me but I would love the pattern. 

It is called Tahitian Postage Stamp and was in the 1988 May Issue of Quilt World

thank you sooo much! you have no idea how long and hard i have been searching for this. my  husband pulled up the picture. they had a black & white picture too, which is perfect for making a pattern.  thanks again. i am so grateful our paths crossed.

You're welcome! I posted it on a quilting page I am on and there are thousands of quilters on it so I figured someone would recognize it and it only took a few hours for someone to respond. That is one great thing about the quilters community...we love to help each other! Make sure you share your pictures when you make it! :)

So what's that fantastic quilters' page, Chris...link please?

It's a Facebook page called 24 blocks

Thank you!!!! I know navigating some of our available connections can be a headache, and Lord knows most of us do not need another one! Your help was priceless!


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