A FB friend and I were thinking of starting an 8 inch quilt square block swap. I was thinking along the lines of a signature quilt. Each square I sent out would have my signature, town, and state written with a fine line Sharpie permanent marker on it. You would do the same. It might be interresting to see if we can get blocks from all 50 states! It would be fun to see all the different designs people would send (like getting a LOT of free ideas!).


If you are interested, please email me here...or on my FB page. Once I see if there is enough people who want to participate, I'll start organizing a list of participants.


I'm from Massachusetts so there is one state down!

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Karen, you should post this over in the group "Swapping Fun is for Everyone."  Lots of active swappers and sewers there.
Thank you, Suzanne. I did just that. I'm not as familiar with this site as I am with Face Book so it takes a bit of navigating to see what's here.
I am from Michigan and am interested in the block swap. Audrey

Hi Audrey,

I tried looking for you on Face Book but there are two people with your name. Anyway, I am trying to coordinate it all from there since I am more familiar with the site. I post updates as I get them. I have written your name down as a person to contact.


I was thinking an 8" block but a friend suggested 12" or 10"...what is your opinion?


Also, would you want everyone to make the same block so the end product will be some cohesive? Or would you rather have a hodge podge of what people want to do?


Also, another person suggested a color scheme so the blocks don't clash. What's your opinion on that?


Welcome to the swap (that is if I get enough people!)


Audrey...I need some information from you ASAP. I'd like to send out the final information on Friday.


1. address

2. best email address to reach you

3. prefered block size (10 or 12 inch)

4. three colors to suggest for the color palette


PLease email that info to me at:   kmagnant@millbury.k12.ma.us




Hi Karen- I'd be interested in doing this. I think 8" blocks would be fine(8 1/2" to finish at 8")  Would each participant be sending potentially 50 blocks out? Or is this one block from each state for one quilt?  I'm not very up on the block swap rules. The only one I've done required each participant to provide 30 blocks.

I'm from IL and am on FB so I'll get on there and invite you to be my friend.

Take care,


Hi Barb,

I wanted to see how many people are interested before we make definite plans to do this, but it would be you making a block for every participant, and then getting a block in return. You would then take your blocks and create your own quilt from blocks made from all over the US. I am thinking that even if we only get 25 people, we can always make our own blocks to fill in the gaps to get it to the size each of us want.


I will gladly accept your FB friendship. That will keep you in the loop much better.

I was curious about how many blocks to send as well.
I was thinking one block to each person on the list. If I get a small amount of people responding and people want to do four or five blocks to a person, that would probably work as well. My goal was one block sent to each person on the list, and you'd get one from them.
I would suggest NOT using a Sharpie--they tend to "halo" over time, and fade on fabric. Black Sharpies fade, and colored sharpies bleed. They simply aren't as permanent on fabric as you want (they used to say this right on the pens themselves, as a matter of fact).  Local quilt shops recommend Pigma markers, and they are permanent.  I use Pigma's on my quilt labels for that reason.

Thanks for the input, Kevin. I have never heard of Pigma markers but I will definitely check them out.


I use the new ones by Pentel...Pentel Gell Roller For Fabric.  No smudge, no smear, waterproof, permanent.  I found them on-line and at my LQS. 


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