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New to this place as of today! I am program chairman for the third year and love it...except when our Christmas dinner/party rolls around. I want to play games for small prizes and I don't want it to be QUILTO, or quilt terms scrambled, or fabric toss in a basket. Surely some of you out there can give me some great ideas asap...our party is this Monday the 16th! I'll shop for some prizes; you folks PLEASE help me out with some fresh ideas for prized games!!

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Jennie, I found this on quiltguilds.com and we played it at our crafting bee.  It was lots of fun.  We told everyone not to spend more than $25 or less than $10

Cookies for Santa - a Holiday game. 

Each person brings a wrapped quilt related gift.  The group stands or sits in a circle and someone reads the following story.  The gifts are passed LEFT or RIGHT as the word is said.  When the game ends, open the gift your have!

Mr. & Mrs WRIGHT woke up early on the day before Christmas.  Mrs. Wright planned to bake some cookies for Santa's visit.  She told Mr. WRIGHT, "I want to have just the RIGHT cookie for Santa when he comes tonight"

She looked in the pantry and discovered that she had no sugar LEFT. "Mr. WRIGHT," Mrs. WRIGHT cried, "I have no sugar LEFT in my pantry.  I need some to bake just the RIGHT cookie for Santa.  Will you go to the store to get some for me?"

Mr. WRIGHT said, "You're RIGHT. I'll go RIGHT now." And he LEFT immediately.

Mrs. WRIGHT began to prepare her cookie batter. When she reached for the sack of flour, she saw there was only a little flour LEFT...not nearly enough to make her cookies. "Oh dear," said Mrs. WRIGHT.  "Mr. WRIGHT just LEFT for the store.  He will not like to have to go back again."  Mrs. WRIGHT quickly LEFT her baking and called the grocer.  "This is Mrs. WRIGHT. My husband Mr. WRIGHT just LEFT to get some sugar at your store.  I just discovered I don't have enough flour LEFT for my cookies.  Will you tell him to buy some flour too?"

"Oh Mrs. WRIGHT," the grocer said, "Mr. WRIGHT just LEFT with your sugar.  In fact, he bought the only sack we had LEFT on the shelf.  I'll try to catch him RIGHT quick so he can bring your flour too.  We have plenty of that LEFT."

Just then Mr. WRIGHT drove up with the sack of sugar. "Here Mrs. WRIGHT.  This is the only sack they had LEFT."

"Oh Mr. WRIGHT," said Mrs. WRIGHT. "I don't have enough flour LEFT to bake Santa's cookies.  I tried to catch you at the grocers but you had already LEFT"

"Oh no," said Mr. WRIGHT. "I'll go RIGHT back."  And he LEFT immediately.

Mrs. WRIGHT turned RIGHT around and went back into her kitchen.  Suddenly she realized she had not bought any butter for the cookies either. "Oh my," she exclaimed, "How can I bake the RIGHT cookie for Santa without butter!"

She called the grocer again and asked him to tell Mr. WRIGHT to bring butter too.

Fortunately, Mr. WRIGHT had not LEFT the store yet.  When he returned home, Mrs. WRIGHT said, "Bring in the flour and butter RIGHT now so I can bake Santa's cookies."

Mr. WRIGHT began carrying lots of bags into the kitchen.  "All RIGHT,what's all this?" said Mrs. WRIGHT.

"Well," said Mr. WRIGHT "I didn't want to have to go back to the store again so besides your flour and butter I bought all the cookies the grocer had LEFT.  That way Santa is sure to have the RIGHT cookie."

if you have a large group.  Break up into groups of 8 - 10


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