here we can share our pictures, our fabric choices and our challenge pics. we can see our progress and encourage each other along the way.

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Oh My Goodness, this is beautiful. What is the pattern name for this quilt?

Just to let the group know, I do long arm quilting if anyone is in need of a quilter.

Luanne, this is a blooming nine patch. thank you! I love them too.

 sorry I didn't answer sooner, I just found out that my mail system is throwing some of the MQP comments into the spam folder.

WELL!! (as her loudly vocalized umbrage clearly illustrates ...her umbrage ..)

so now all our intellectual articulations have just become fodder for the mighty maws of the spam box?!?



right? sick huh?  I liked that quilt you gave me the link to. I think the blending, like the blooming nine..will be used on many more quilts patterns in the future.

glad you liked it. i saw that and fell in love --- again lol! but i went back a few times. found it on a members personal web page...she has brought it over from pinterest. but it is awsome and soooo easy to duplicate. and, like you, i think that we are going to see more and more blooming nine style quilt renderings in near future. sorta like the water color quilts that were such a fad a dozen or so years ago.

Carla - I love blues so this one is my fav!  I will be aiming to emulate's on my list!

did you see ginny's ? hers is done in all blue batiks it's beautiful. scroll down and look at it too if you haven't.

What is the pattern?  Is it a simple square set on point?  It's beautiful.

this is a blooming nine patch pattern. it is a square set on point but then surrounded by nine patches on point also. you can get the pattern from the book tradition with a twist. we have enjoyed making these very much! I have made three of them!

yeay!  I finally found the backing that I have been waiting for - for this quilt top. the wine and roses blooming nine patch has mostly a wine theme. it has maps of Italian wine country, wine bottles, cork screws and other wine tools, fruit such as grapes and others for making wine and wine barrels. so I had been wanting wine corks for the backing but wanted a particular look. I found it!!! so happy. now it can be quilted!

Wine Corks

Awesome fabric! It looks like a drawer I have - remember girls I use to make wine! Lol


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