I am using some of the clear thread for quilting and the thread keeps breaking.  It is so frustrating.  What am I doing wrong?  My machine has an auto tension so I am asuming that is correct.  What would cause the thread to keep breaking. It is a quality brand.

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I have never used a clear thread for quilting but I would think needle eye size might come into play and size of needle.

search [window up on right side of page] look for this discussion, it is excellent. and the folks from superior threads weigh in too...you will learn a lot here and probably answer your question. good luck. 

I have never used invisible thread.. Please tell me what type of 

invisible thread is best and why? Then I want to know if regular quilting thread is used in the bobbin??

Do you need to reset your tension to use invisible thread?? Thanks everyone.....


It may be too brittle; it depends on what brand you're using.  Also, when you use clear thread you're supposed to loosen the tension even if you machine does have auto adjust.  The tension being too tight is the number one reason it's going to break.

Thank you for your suggestions ladies.  After ready them... I have put in a new needle, rethread my machine more times than I can count, the thread is a quality thread and I am still so frustrated... I may go back to cotton thread.  I really don't want to because the backing of the quilt screams for a transparent thread, but is it worth my sanity?  How long is transparent thread good for, how long does it take to get brittle?  And if that is the case what does it do in time when it is used on a quilt?

Margarita, I am using the transparent thread in the bobbin also.  I "must" be doing something wrong.  Could it be my speed, maybe I am going to fast when quilting?  LOL  I don't know, I am grasping a straws now.

Janie what is your tension setting on?  That's where your problem lies.  What brand of thread are you also using.  I have used Yli clear thread on my little brother sewing machine and had to adjust the tensionsetting to get it right.  If the tension is too tight the thread can break!!!!! If the bobbin is wound correctly and you have a new needle in it then nothing else needs adjustment accept the tension.!!!

Don't be afraid to play with the tension.  Use a scrap piece of fabric and experiment. First take your bobbin tension to zero and then change the settings one click at a time. But before you change the setting again, do a sample stitch line.  When it looks like your usual stitches, then that's what your machine likes.

Also check out Superior threads for there recommendations.  Their advice is fantastic.  Love to know if you we successful.  Julie

I place my spool of thread in a container then place the container behind my machine near where the spool holder is.  The I place an empty bobbin on the upright spool holder and thread the clear thread thru one of the holes in the bobbin and continue to thread as usual.  I am usually free motion quilting with this thread so no tension changes are required.  Hope this helps.  I also use it in my bobbin and on top.  Rarely have problems with it breaking and I never adjust my tension. I use a Bernina machine.

I just used clear thread in my last project.  I  used a 90/14 needle microsharpe; might want to try this. good luck

Let's try this again.  The problem with using a clear thread is most likely that your "auto" setting for tension doesn't know how to "read" that kind of thread.  Your machine knows how to adjust for cotton or polyester thread but not the clear nylon.  The clear nylon thread glides through your machine much easieri (it's slicker) than other threads so your auto adjust wants to tighten up the tension -- which results in thread breakage.  My suggestion would be to override the auto tension and loosen your top tension.  Your best bet would be to make a little sandwich of your backing, batting and fabric to use to test the tension.  You'll probably have to play with the tension a little bit to find the right combination -- that's why it helps to have a test mini-quilt.  Good luck!

Okay.  Just read comments again and realized your using it in the bobbin.  That's really a trickier issue because you'll need to adjust the tension of your bobbin.  What I've done to save myself headaches was to purchase a second bobbin case so that I could adjust bobbin tension for specialty threads without screwing up my regular sewing tension.  When I use clear poly thread in the bobbin I use a cotton or poly thread on top.  Again -- good luck!


great ida about keeping different bobbin cases. thanks

That is a real good idea about the extra bobbin case.  OK I am going to try adjusting the tension as suggested, I am a little leary about adjusting the tension, but my machine will automatically readjust after I turn it off and back on.  I would love to be able to use this thread because I think it would work great on several of the quilts I have put together. 

Janie, sometimes if the thread is old stock, it gets brittle.Your spool may have been sitting in sunlight(very bad for clear thread).Also check your tension discs for trapped lint,causing a too tight tension.Just pull the disc to one side with your fingernail and direct some canned air (like the kind used to clean electronics) in the space.Sometimes clear thread gets caught or wrapped around a thread guide.What are you using in the bobbin?Try a finer thread, and of course use a fresh needle, perhaps experiment with a different size.Frustrating problems like this often require a process of elimination.Good luck, let us know how you make out.


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