I would like to know more about a prayer quilt

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I think it's just a quilt that's sized smaller than a lap quilt but larger than a crib quilt.  Long enough to wrap around your shoulders and coming down to your lower back.

I have a friend who told me that her church in Texas has a prayer quilt ministry. They make very simple small 44" square quilts (the width of most cotton fabric), for a person who is ill or has another need. Then the quilt is displayed in a special place in the church and members are invited to pray over the quilt for the recipient of the quilt. A label is attached to the quilt that reads something like, "You are loved and have been prayed for by ______ ______ Church." The quilt is then given to the person who requested it, who hand delivers it to the recipient.

I think that is a lovely ideal. how sweet of them. i am a Texan lived in the Dallas area. Thanks for the information Carol.

I am employed by United Methodist Community Center. We have a group of ladies who make lap quilts for nurseries and the hospitals. We always pray as we quilt and send an attached scripture on the quilt or theprayer blanket

Thank you, Theresa for your input. I discovered that First Baptist Church in Allen, Texas has a group of ladies that make prayer quilts. They have graciously invited me to come and learn from them so I can start this ministry at Hope Community Church in Plano, Texas. They also include a scripture verse on the label and keep a record of each quilt with information about who worked on it and who received it. They also keep all the thank you notes. I am so eager to get this moving in my church.


I hope you enjoy the fellowship we always do. And you will learn alots from the Ladies.

give me a reply whenever you need support

Theresa From Birmingham Alabama

i do prayer quilts. the hard part is to remember to say a prayer while tieing the knot. sometimes i get half a quilt done before i remeber. when you have 12 requests and only 2 members making them you get task orientated and forget your purpose of the quilt.we mke 40 by 60.weuse yarn to tie the quilt.there is labels to put on them. i stitch  the labels or infuse them on the back.believe me people say that the lbels and knowing that the knots are a prayer is very comforting. there is a website for prayer quilts organization. they are very helpful. ifyou want morehelp do not be afraid to message me.

I made a "prayer quilt" for a friend, whose grandaughter had to be delivered early to fix a serious heart defect.(then they had to wait to do it as she developed an infection) Itied w/ enough knots to hold it, then gave it to her. I told her to invite friends & family to say a prayer & tie a KNOT! I gave her 10 skeins of  pink floss. Bless heart, she asked if she had to give it to BABY BETH-Told her, it was hers to do w/ as she wished. She said it gave her SO MUCH comfort she was keeping it& would let the baby have it later on. She also told me, that friends & family DID tie knots(& prayed) BUT she sat every night & prayed & tied! Baby BETH is now  a year old and the picture of health! Gramma says  the quilt looks like a PINK SHAG RUG! LOL!!!It will really mean something in years to come how many prayers helped her along!



Hi Sand,

Thanks for the message. It is quilters and our faith, that helps people. Through our stitches and our love many people has and will be encouraged and loved.

Keep on stitching

theresa from Alabama 

Thanks for being so transparent about working so hard making the quilts that you sometimes forget the whole purpose. We are a very small church and I could possibly fall into the same problem. It will help me and the other ladies to be reminded in advance.

Also, what is the prayer quilt Website?

Blessings to all of you ladies that give of yourselves to help others!


it is a simple process to start and begn a group. dont cost any money to start up one through them either..


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