I thought I'd open a discussion to post all our photos of our opened Secret Santa packages to have them all in one place. This way everyone can see them without having to scroll through all the comments below. DO NOT post the photos you took before shipping your packages. Those are for claims only if your packages are lost.

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Beautiful sentiment, Barbara!

Will have to post tomorrow, Paul was on computer all day, and I'm too tired to make pictures work.  Love my stuff, though.

Now that is sweet!

beautiful, Barbara!

Back to show more goodies. All the dog cookies. Ma is spending way to much time at the vet getting insulin balanced.  She deserves a cookie nibble.  These are healthy one.

All my fun golf tees and a blueberry pie pincushion.  Paul got excited and put blueberry pie on the shopping list.

A beautiful crocheted basket with healthy nummies for me. A lovely mug rug(really big, or may a wall hanging). Three fat quarters , a stocking to hang, and star lights. Wow!  

The jazzy box has 4 batik coasters -now how to train husband to use.

Thank YOU!! Melanie Keith

A closeup of my little PolksADot " thimble l tried out ...love it! My trusty thimble remained at home, and l felt a bit lost without it. This only took about 5 min. to get used to...had to reposition to hit " sweet spot". They adhere well...l can likely reuse this one, as l restuck it to sheet. Thanks again, Wilma!

You are welcome.  I use them when I do hand work.  Helps prevent little pokies in fingers....lol

I use the rubbery thimbles that work well but I will have to use these polk-a-dots and give thema try.

OH MY! ZOE(AKA Victoria) outdid herself finding things from my questionnaire! Trying to post and post pictures. Keep watching - it will be fixed soon, I hope!

Hope the problem gets solved. It's fun to see everyones handy work.


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