Someone, anyone, please tell me I'm not the only person with out a sewing room. I know it sounds silly, but I can't be the only person who quilts on the kitchen/dinning room table. Everywhere I look blogs, etc, makes me think that I am alone in the kitchen.

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and i am sure you will get a sewing room ruth, at least being on your own you dont have to rush to tidy up after a sewing session!!!
Oh, but I do!! Otherwise, I would fill out the kitchen with sewing stuff, the same way I've done with the study room and my books and papers! ;-)
ha ha, well theres always dinner on a tray!!! good job we have a kitchen table.. we eat there, as cant get on dining table...for my stuff !

NO way are you alone!  My sewing room became my bedroom after I lost my knees & an elbow to MRSA several years ago and had to have somewhere for the hospital bed, elec wheelchair & all the other stuff.  My husband & son boxed up that room while I was still at the hopsital.  I'm still trying to find stuff, have pulled some things back to the house and stashed boxes under the bed and wherever I can.  My caregiver thinks I'm crazy.  Right now the dining room table is covered with partial projects and Girl Scout program stuff.  Hang in there!

God Bless. Goes to show, where there's a will, there's a way


the other night i was reading an article in a magazine, it was what people had done with a garden shed... and ... one lady had sent in a picture of her shed, she had made a craft shed, only a small one but, it was so neat, a sewing table, shelving, fold up chair, she said she uses an extension cable for electric from her house, so no  need for wiring into the shed, i was so excited about this... so showed it to hubby, hoping he would be as impressed....( and hopefully let me have one)    all i got was ... ' oh, yes, '
My empty nest got filled up again when my daughter moved home so I lost my sewing room and spent a few years sewing all over the house, making a mess, cluttering up everything.  She's married and gone now and I have my sewing room back and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful having that dedicated space is!!  I did it and it can be done and my family happily ate off trays in between projects.  Thank God for supportive family!!
When I started quilting I didn't have a dedicated room.  One day it dawned on me everyone had a room to themselves but me!  Each child had a room and DH had a workshop.  I don't think so!   The next day I converted the den to my sewing room.  Hauled out all the furniture so no one could flop there.   Now the kids are grown and I had the wall between their rooms removed and have one big sewing room with two closets and the den is back as a den.
thats a very good point cindy, not having a room to yourself... when everyone else does...

You are not the only one sewing on a dining room table.  I have a sewing room but seem to get more done  if I leave one sewing machine in the dining room.  I need to organize the sewing room it is a wreck...also need to quit buy more fabric   lol   Sandy in Ohio

I keep thinking that as each one of my children move that I will finally get the coveted "sewing/craft room", but to no avail. As one moves another moves in the room giving another child their own bedroom. One more to move and the sewing room will finally be mine. Now, my best work still comes from the kitchen/dining room table and I still hunt through the many places in the house my stash of fabric lives.
though far apart ladies.. we still long for the same thing!!!


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