Someone, anyone, please tell me I'm not the only person with out a sewing room. I know it sounds silly, but I can't be the only person who quilts on the kitchen/dinning room table. Everywhere I look blogs, etc, makes me think that I am alone in the kitchen.

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I don't think you are alone. Since all of our children are grown, I now have a sewing room. But, for over twenty years I used the dining room table, the living room and anywhere else I could find. I still use the dining room table. A few years ago my husband made me a wonderful quilting/sewing room to use. But as he says, "every room in our home is a quilting/sewing room". He is used to me quilting and or sewing in every room.
I'm a college student that still lives with her parents so my bedroom doubles as my quilting room. I have a small table in the corner of my room where I do my work. Also, if I'm not up for sitting along in my room, I'll do my sewing and cutting on a ironing board in the living room.
I don't have a sewing room as such -- we have an unusually shaped bedroom and I set my sewing machine up in the corner with a shelf, my ironing board and a big insulation board from the hardware store covered with muslin as a pattern board. It works for me!
You are NOT alone, Jacqui!  Just last year my oldest daughter moved out of the house, leaving her basement suite empty, allowing me to finally organize all my sewing and crafting supplies into one room!!  Funny thing is....I still set up and do all my quilting at the kitchen table!  It allows me to still be the "Center of the Universe Momma"!  Until I get a LongArm that must have its own room in the house, I will continue to monopolize that kitchen table!  ;)
don't feel bad. I do have a sewing room/studio, but, son and family moved in so they took over the downstairs. I moved my sewing upstairs, presently in livingroom, along with tons of fabric. This is only way I can get ANY sewing done until he graduates in mid summer and moves for new job......whatever works, go for it.
I have a small room that I called my sewing room but it was just for fabric storage because of its size. I used my dining room to sew because of the size on the table. In January I spooled myself with an awesome sewing center in my living room. I didn't really use that room much so I repurposed it. You could probably repurpose some space in your house as well. 
I have a very small room ans have told my 19 year old that I going to move her out of her room because she never stays in it she is always staying at her boy friend.So I am see the bigger room right ladies Happy
If she's not using it the room, I say you get the bigger of the room for sewing. Turn your smaller room into her crash pad for when she comes home. That way she still has a space, and you have a bigger space for your sewing things.
Don't. Feel bad. I don't have a sewing room. We live with my stepson.and.he is letting me use 1/2 of the livingroom. Thank god its a doublewide trailer..big livingroom
You are not alone. I have been sewing and quilting on my kitchen table for long time. We recently moved to a bigger house and my husband, who is finishing the basement, decided to surprise me with my own sewing studio room. It is not finished yet, but I cannot wait to move all my stuff in soon. :-)

That is great Lolanda...I wish I had a man to do that for me..wish i had a man period..LOL. well so sweet of him. 

No you are not alone!!!!  However you can work on making the best of the space you have.  I converted my dining room into a quilt room, however I did it with the caveat that I had to be able to turn it back into a dining room in less than an hour.  Obviously I can't store my stash in there, but with a little ingenuity I can have both a fully equiped sewing room and a dining room.  I'm fortunate that my dining table is an antique drop leaf that folds up.  My husband made me a cutting table that fits over the top of the buffet.  My design wall is foamular (sheet insulation) that splits up into 2 foot sections that fit behind the couch in the family room - or you can hang up the back side of a table cloth.  I love the foamular because covered in felt, I can either lay or pin fabric to it.  The sewing machine table I have was found on craigs list - it was used in a kindergarten so it is very sturdy.  A friend cut out an opening and put in a shelf the machine can be recessed on.   I take the legs off slide it behind the couch too.  My other work spaces are also sturdy folding tables that get slid into various hiding places.   It took me about a year to get everything the way I wanted.  Although it doesn't take long to convert it back to a dining room, I'm happy that I only need to do it for major holidays. 


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