Someone, anyone, please tell me I'm not the only person with out a sewing room. I know it sounds silly, but I can't be the only person who quilts on the kitchen/dinning room table. Everywhere I look blogs, etc, makes me think that I am alone in the kitchen.

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no your not alone... my ' sewing room ' consists of a recessed shelf in the corner of the room, my machine lives on the table, and all sorts of baskets, boxes everywhere!!, one day i will get organised!!!
I just joined this group, I don't have a sewing room either.  I have alot of my sewing stuff in my bedroom, I sew at the dining room table, and I have a shed outside that houses most of my fabrics either on shelves or in totes.  So you are not alone in the kitchen!  (Actually my kitchen is too small to sew in, so I use my dining room table!)
well i was promised a garden shed.... still waiting... good job we have a kitchen table as we eat there... dining table is MINE.........wouldnt it be wonderful though to have a sewing room that we could just leave in a mess !!!!
Yes it would!  It is so much easier to leave the machine up and the project out.  I believe I would get much more sewing done that way!  As far as the shed, my Hubby didn't have much of a choice, the fabric was taking over our bedroom ! ;)
No, you are definately not alone.  I am a mother of 3.  The oldest being 12 and the youngest 16 months. I sew in my dining room.  There is NO where else to do it.  My fabric and whatever I am working on may sit on my table for weeks waiting for me to finish it.  I hate that I always have a mess on the table but I don't hate it enough to not do it!  Sewing / Quilting is my outlet !
You are not alone.  I do not have a sewing room either.   All of my sewing materials and machine is tucker away here and there.  I have to go to different rooms to get eveything out before I can even begin to start sewing/quilting.  It is very fustrating but what can you do.  I also use the kitchen table.  You are not alone.  I know how your feel though.
the same as you audrey!! i have stuff all over the table,and my laptop!! was making some fabric bowls tonight and the pieces are just lined up ready to finish tomorrow, and yes... having to rummage through all baskets and boxes to find what i need is so maddening, but  I WILL GET MY LIKKLE SPACE ORGANISED. Ha ha
I started out sewing in my bed room then when my kids grow out of the play room it was a computer room for a while then I took it has my sewing room BUT I would like to change room with Stephanie she is 19 never here she stay most of the time at her boy friends and her room is bigger I have 3 machine and I don't have room to have them all up in my room Happy
might be time to tell her to move out, lol, think of it a whole room to use!!!! lol

I would say give her the computer room and take over her room!  Just stick a futon couch and an armour in the computer room and that should be enough for her when she does stop by!

I only have a 2 bedroom no basement or attic house.  I keep telling my girls I am taking over their bedroom when they go to college...and that is what will be in there when they come back on break, a futon and a chest of drawers, over in the corner!

Didn't get my sewing room till the kids left home.
I live alone and I still have to use the kitchen table because it's the only place in the house that is big enough and not full of books or, well, crap. My dream is to someday have a sewing room, but I'm in not rush; the kitchen works fine for me.


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