Someone, anyone, please tell me I'm not the only person with out a sewing room. I know it sounds silly, but I can't be the only person who quilts on the kitchen/dinning room table. Everywhere I look blogs, etc, makes me think that I am alone in the kitchen.

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My sewing space has morphed over the years, from in the basement - to a child's armoire - to a place under the stairs (felt Like Harry Potter before there was a Harry Potter!) In our last house I did manage to have a nice corner of a finished basement - but at that time was not really 'into' quilting! We moved 5 years ago to a Raised Ranch with 5 brs. (needed them all..long story) Did not really have a designated space for a while - but when kid #1 left (not ours) - I took over that small bedroom. Managed to get my Gracie II frame (set up for crib/twin) in there, with one machine, extra storage closet - was working for a time, but oh so crowded for what I was beginning to do. The former garage had been turned into an exercise room and 2 bedrooms, so I took the exercise space, as all the kids did there was pile their 'stuff'! Last November I started to teach kids how to sew - so I now had to find room for 4 more machines!! Kid #2 decided in January she had had enough and wanted to move out (she was not ours - again long story) I quickly took over that room for my students! Our exchange student went home - so his room (the 'old' sewing room) was now vacant - and my daughter (college student) transferred from a Maine college to one in MA, she was creeped out with being alone downstairs, so she asked if we could 'do the room over' and make it her room - so I am doing that now - and that means this WHOLE former 2 car garage finished space is ALL MINE ...maybe about 24x24!! There will be room for everything!! More room for my students, for my quilting/sewing....I figured that it's time!! My mom never had a huge space - and churned out gorgeous clothes for her and her 3 girls....she never had the opportunity to have a bigger space....but since I finally do - I am going to enjoy it!! It will be great for my business. My husband has his 'shed' (yup a 14x24 pre built shed) as his music studio - so he really can't say much about this project!!! I am so excited to get all these projects done and get my classes up and running again in September!!
That is so exciting!  I cannot imagine moving from room to room, so hopefully your new space will be yours for many years to come.  I've had to take over two rooms; one is my sewing room and the other one is being hogged by the frame.  I also keep some fabric in there along with my extensive quilt magazine collection.  I want to knock the wall down between the two rooms so I can have one large space.  The master bedroom is very large and I told my husband we should move into one of the spare rooms so I can have a large space with everything I need in one room.  He wouldn't go for it.  But it was his idea to knock out that wall, so hopefully that'll happen soon!

When I first started quilting, we lived in a small 2 bedroom house. I sewed at the kitchen table. Pretty soon my quilting stuff was taking over the kitchen table, the living room, and everywhere else I could fit something. It got to a point where I would have to wait for my husband to be out of the house to work on something because the machine would interfere with the TV and he's a big TV watcher.


So when it came to pass that we started looking for another house, one of the top things on my wish list was to have a separate room (it didn't have to be big) where I could have my own sewing room. We found a 3 bedroom house (there was just me, my husband and daughter) with a bonus room. Therefore, I got my sewing room and my husband got his game room. We were very fortunate to find that in our price range.


Now if I want to sew while he watches TV I can go in my sewing room, close the door, and we don't bother each other. I also have a computer and radio set up in there so my daughter can come in and sit and visit with me, listen to the radio with me, or get on the computer while still being in there with me. I think the next step is to a small TV to mount to the wall so I can have the TV on when I'm in there. My husband is against this idea. He says if it wasn't for the 3 shows I watch a week, I would never come out of there....LOL. I'm not a huge fan of TV.

You are so not alone. I have to go to my Mom's to sew in her beautiful room. I got one on you, I don't even have a machine I have to use her Janome :o)
I do have a TV mount in my space - right now my back is to it - it's basically background noise - and when I want to see something - I take a break - when I move things around I will be able to 'see' it much better!! I am also integrating a space for my 19 yr old daughter to make her jewelry - she stared doing that while at college last year - my suggestion... as she kept telling me she was bored!! And when she doesn't want to do that...I will have the space for sewing!! This way her stuff won't be all over the place too, and she won't have to be stuck in her room doing that! My husband is concerned that when we go to sell this house that it will be hard to sell with that big space - I am trying to tell him that there are lots of people that look for some sort of space just like this. They could be a fitness artist....want to have a day care - this room will be screaming home business!!! We have no plans on moving anytime soon! Even when the girls have moved out - I have a couple or grandkids!!! Enjoy your space!

nope! you are not alone. i will have a sewing room if i finish my basement project. got the windows in...that's a good start..right? but i too sew on the dining table the kitchen counter [so much easier for cutting templates, marking fabric to cut etc the right height for a bad back] and the only spare bedroom. oh well. plus ...all but essential stuff is still in boxes in garage..i moved fr a house where i used the spare bedroom for sewing..won't work here in this house tho. sigh. hang in least we do get to quilt!!!


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