years ago i made a quilt and it was one of the most beautiful patterns i have seen. i lost it. it was a huge star made out of 2 inch squares. is there anyone that can  help me? i can't remember the name of the pattern or the book it was in.

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i'll keep looking. you have my curiosity going now.

are you posting from a phone, a tablet or a pc?

from my laptop

Wow, Carla, what a find!

Sandi...what if you expanded this one...imagine a color "scheme" instead of the scrappy look, and while you're at it , imagine a special color grouping of fussy cut fabrics in each corner...would that not get you the look you want?


Gee, that looks like an interpretation of a croched afghan! That can be drafted out on gragh paper, Sandi...need help w/that?  The hardest part would be fabric quantity, but can be figured mathematically...what is the finished size you want the quilt to be? Please be so many in. x so many in., rather than "queen".This is a square central medallion and extra partial borders ( rows) are added to to & bottom to achieve a rectangular shape.

 It would look good in southwest colors too, don't you think! What colors do you wish to do it in? I don't use e q, but some of our members could be emailed to you.

i would like it to be about 84x98. i can  add borders to adjust if needed. i sure hope you are right and someone can help. my  granddaughter  got married and all she wants is a quilt with this pattern. when she was a little girl she would lay on my bed and trace the pattern with her fingers .

wow weeee! well I have never seen anything like this before but I can certainly understand why you would want it. it is very beautiful. :)

thank you. i love it too.


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