years ago i made a quilt and it was one of the most beautiful patterns i have seen. i lost it. it was a huge star made out of 2 inch squares. is there anyone that can  help me? i can't remember the name of the pattern or the book it was in.

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are you sure it was squares? The "Lone Star" is a single star of graduated colors but it is diamonds, not squares. You might take a look at that one.

Too bad you don't have a photo of it,we could help you redraft a new pattern of it. lf you do have an old photo, maybe you could take a close-up w/newer digital camera & post it here.

Reece, l was wondering the same, that it may have been diamonds...but a star COULD be made of squares if it was done w/them on point.

i know i have a picture somewhere, i'll have to find it. i am absolutely positive about it being made with squares. i sure hope someone out there in quilt land can help me. thanks for the help.

this one is pretty, but not it. even the background was made from 2 in squares and there was a design in each corner. i don't remember if i said this before or not, but the pattern is shown in a queen size and the star covered the entire top of the bed

i sure appreciate the people trying to help me.

thank you

I love that star quilt; thanks for posting the link.



this isn't it either

i found the picture of the quilt, but have no idea how to get it posted here. i am pretty computer illiterate. can someone explain it in simple steps so even i can do it?

still not the one but I really like this one.


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