I really have trouble deciding what to do with the Dresden Plate quilt that I'm making! I am going to quilt by machine! There will be lots of sticking in the ditch! Then I plan to machine quilt around the dresden! Which batting would you suggest and why? Thanks       

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I would probably use wool for that one because the quilting will show up and wool drapes nicely.  If you want to do a heavy quilting around each Dresden Plate and end up with that old-fashioned crinkled look, then I would use Warm and Natural because it crinkles nicely.  Warm and Natural is my favorite all-around batting.
Thank you Bridget, my hubby is home from back surgery and I can't wait to get started! 

Hi Bridget, what's yourfavorite source for wool batting?


My favorite is from Quilter's Dream and it's called Dream Wool.  I buy it from http://equilter.com/ but I know some quilt shops will order it for you if they don't carry it.
I have never used wool before,always warm and natural so I sent for Heirloom wool,wasn't sure how it would be in quilt so I pre-washed it like directions said,bad mistake on my part it came apart.I do love the feel of quilt so I'm not giving up yet.I notified where I got it and they sent me a new queen size.Will definitely not wash it until it's quilted.I always wash my quilts after they're done and love the crinkly antique look you get from cotton batting.Maybe I'll try Dream Wool next time,does that wash up nice in the finished quilt without a lot of shrinkage?
I would use wool, especially if the quilt is on the large side as the wool batting is easier to maneuver under the machine.
Have you started your quilt yet?  Did you decide to go with wool?
Well, due to availability and cost, I went with polyester! I may be sorry, since I did ask you guys what to use! I am waiting on my friend to help me pin it! I just can't wait to get started! My husband is doing better after back surgery and blood clots that followed! Now I'm so ready to get started! I've never machine quilted a quilt king size! So I'm sure I'll be at it for a while once I'm started!
Just make sure to use a LOT of pins!  Since I believe that polyester is most likely to produce wrinkes and/or puckers, using a lot of pins will help prevent that.  Good luck with it!
Yes Bridgette I am pinning every 4 inches! Thank you so much for your help
I recently finished a dresden plate...lap quilt size. I used the low loft polyester batting, also because of the cost of the other's. It did ok and I did not exactly do a stitch in the ditch. I did quilt just inside of each piece to sort of outline the dresden itself. If I could do it over again, I would do a stitch in the ditch though.
Hi Jodie, I looked at your Dresden plate lap quilt! It looks really pretty!  Well I'm sure that will not be your last!! There's always a next time!! Lol! Thanks for commenting! I have a pic. Of the quilt top on my pics, if you want to take a look!


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