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I like this idea!!  Thanks for getting it set up!

I was playing with my diamonds tonight...eventually hoping to make a queen-size quilt.  Only a few of these are actually sewn together, and the blocks are meant to be random so they look like they are jutting out all over.  The photo isn't quite color-perfect, I'll get better at that I hope...

i mentioned this yesterday here in a comment. and today, as usual, doing my morning reading trek thru various quilt sites. came across this again and decided to post it. the jpeg here..the image is in my gallery. the quilt top isn't finished and i intend to follow for when she does finish. it will be inspirational for me and perhaps others. hope you enjoy...

link to my gallery page where i placed image since can't here via ipad, w a few details a out the auilt top in progress

This is my first Grandmother's Flower took 10 years, about, to finish, but it got me hooked on EPP!

Your quilt is just lovely
I must try and get a photo posted of the I am making with some lovely reproduction fabrics that was started as a swap in this group

My latest, not quilted yet.  1" hexies, more coordinated.  I have a green for the backing, but I would really love to keep with the purple.  What do you think?

i would stay with the purple. both the shade of green you used on the first amd the purple on second, fit w the era that gfg's were popular.

...and i like purple :))

purple was popular in fifties and earlier. when i inherited my grmothers quilt tops, they had purple somewhere...sashings etc. there was a bolt of purple also. not being a quilter, and not knowing what the fabric was for, i made curtains for my house and then for a friends' house, who loved my ruffled purple delights. by the time i was sent to live w gramma, her hands had curled into claws with severe arthritis and she couldn't quilt anymore. she taught me a few simple forms of needlework that she could still manage, but i never saw a quilt made or quilted over the years that i lived w her.

Thanks!!!  That's my thoughts, too...

The picture was taken on a queen sized bed, and I deliberately  made it big enough for a king bed, or for a queen with extra over the edge, in case of having a newer, thicker mattress.

when i was still making bed quilts, i designed them for specific beds & part of the design elements i included pieced border patterns that had ~12" "drop" over the edge & long enough to cover pillows and over foot of bed. if bed didn't have a foot board that hid bottom of quilt, i made same size drop as sides. i am like you i guess, i like the quilt to completely cover the bed. with the piles of furballs i find on my bed when i awaken, i decided to just cover bed w easily removeable old sheet, that i can launder frequently. a quilt would not be sturdy enough for heavy puppy and his claws as he got himself comfy. am thinking about a bed runner tho. feet bad & getting worse, think a bed runner would be pretty, nice to look at, furball resilient & feet would feel much better at night :)) ...maybe a gfg...:)) the time i get THAT done, i could use it for a lap robe on my wheelchair too!

It was partiularly cold here last night and my feet were cold.

What a good idea to do a bed runner that looks pretty but also would keep the feet warm.

What does gfg stand for?

gfg = Grandmother's Flower Garden... If there's anything else I can help with, let me know.

Makes perfect sense


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