o.k. quilters,

i am in the market for a new sewing machine that i am hoping will be ''the one'' i have been considering a janome 6600p because all i am interested in is peicing and home quilting. this machine seems to fit the bill for what i need. i am not interested in spending 8000. or even 5000.00 for a machine that has features i will not use half of .i would be willing to spend extra if the machine were out of this world. i just want a good machine, with a deep roomy throat to quilt in. if you have one of these i would love your input or if you have another brand that you love dearly and use it mostly for  peicing and quilting at home then please so say so. i trust the input of quilters who actually use the machines more than the manufacterers who are trying to sell them ...your opinions mean a lot to me.....


                            carla walton


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Sheesh........I ended up buying a Janome sewing machine which has met my every need, I also ended up buying a Janome serger

 as well which is still in the closet unopened for over a year.... guess I should make it my goal to get it out and pit it to use. I bought it for a specific purpose....... to make purses which I still have not learned either....smh

heeheehee ...i smh a lot lollol

Took my baby to the new dealer today for cleaning and a check up. (The old dealer retired). I mentioned I had the serger in the closet, and she talked me into a beginner class for $10 so I can learn to use it. So, by the end of the month, I should have a mint green fleece top. It will get warm for sure then LOL

Mine remains unopened in the closet. Lolol

Carla, sigh...why don't you just sell it & use the $ to buy fabric...you obviously don't need it( shaking my head in pity).

oh now Riana......we both know it's not a matter of need. LOL   I will use it one day. I want to take it with me to my aunt house and get her to teach me. I just thought it would happen a lot sooner than this.

Bring along some t-shirt fabric and really put it through it's paces...just using a serger for "finishing" seams is a bit of a wasre...it'll do so much more. lf it has the rolled hem foot too, better bring some silk or poly for scarf-making, or napkin -making material.


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