o.k. quilters,

i am in the market for a new sewing machine that i am hoping will be ''the one'' i have been considering a janome 6600p because all i am interested in is peicing and home quilting. this machine seems to fit the bill for what i need. i am not interested in spending 8000. or even 5000.00 for a machine that has features i will not use half of .i would be willing to spend extra if the machine were out of this world. i just want a good machine, with a deep roomy throat to quilt in. if you have one of these i would love your input or if you have another brand that you love dearly and use it mostly for  peicing and quilting at home then please so say so. i trust the input of quilters who actually use the machines more than the manufacterers who are trying to sell them ...your opinions mean a lot to me.....


                            carla walton


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i don't know about river critters. i try to avoid them when i go kayaking or wading.
..so..ya just gotta give 'er a little more TLC... gonna take a while t mend that l'il 'ol brken heart :((

janome mc6600p . and it's awesome.  it does everything i need and was not over -board on the pricing.

that's my baby, I wouldn't trade it for any thing, I just love it, I also have the 12000, which is going to take me pprobably a few years to figure that out, enjoy it.


we've actually been getting rain!!! lots of it! a real blessing down here in Texas, i can tell you

Thank goodness you are getting rain.  We finally got some this week as well.  It is sad when a 93 degree day feels cool outside.  I'm tryng to get motivated to finish my hanky quilt.  It is on the quilt frame finally. It has been so hot I just haven't been in the mood. I'll take pictures when I get it finished.  It is quite interesting, albeit beautiful. 

you can send some of it our way too, suzann!! some ares around us got some the other night but not enough, all we got was winds & lightening. over 6000 strikes reported by weather service...guess they can tell w the satellite. been thru bad storms of all varieties in east and midwest..grew up w massive electrical storms..and this spot i am in is known for its winds. but the other night was the scariest it's been since we moved here. had dh hold the door as i ran out to secure deck chairs...have had to retrieve them fr partway over the cliff in past storms. but got them in time that night!

some extremely strange weather happening around the country this summer!!
if i could share rain i would
*smile* ..yes i am sure you would. 'cause that seems to be the kind of person you are.

i know what you mean, i am trying desperately to finish a hand quilted queen size quilt that i have been working on for three years. but it's very hard with the heat and it laying on top of me.

on the other hand, i am working on a blooming nine patch on my new machine and it's looking really nice. :) 

whoa!! ummmm...did i tell you i have really bad headache today? and looking at your 9 patch sorta dida number on it! lollollollol!!

that is going to be incredible carla! think i will stick to my doll thing i have going...not as heavy as son's quilt! lollol ..& not as complex for my poor heat saturated brain :))


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