o.k. quilters,

i am in the market for a new sewing machine that i am hoping will be ''the one'' i have been considering a janome 6600p because all i am interested in is peicing and home quilting. this machine seems to fit the bill for what i need. i am not interested in spending 8000. or even 5000.00 for a machine that has features i will not use half of .i would be willing to spend extra if the machine were out of this world. i just want a good machine, with a deep roomy throat to quilt in. if you have one of these i would love your input or if you have another brand that you love dearly and use it mostly for  peicing and quilting at home then please so say so. i trust the input of quilters who actually use the machines more than the manufacterers who are trying to sell them ...your opinions mean a lot to me.....


                            carla walton


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well some time has passed and all i can say is wow. i love my new janome.  i am working on a blooming nine patch and it's a pleasure to do so on this machine. love love.  ;0

what machine did you get?


Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new machine now that you have had some time to play with it.  I'm still thinking about your truck! I agree that this discussion has really helped alot of folks.

oh absolutely! i have had the same old, cheapest i could find to sew mine, my son' clothing, curtains for the new homes we moved into every few months, toys etcetc. and there has been such a wealth of information on simple to highly sophisticated machines posted on this discussion. i would have no use foe an embroiderer, i love hand embroidery too uch, even tho the others in one of my q groups here have done some vey lovely quilts...the prettiest jave been hand embroidered & now several of the machine embroiderers are working on hand embroidered sue's etc! do like fancy stitches...fun to play w in crazy quilt style of fun/decoration. so...one of these years...dh's gonna posit his annual end of the year query.... &.... i am going to gleefully inform him with the biggest grin i can muster ... A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!!

that would be awesome rogue. you would enjoy it so much!

i'm afraid my truck is rebelling. now the air conditioner went out. i think it's pay back. but deffinately got to get that checked out. texas does'nt do summer well.  HOT. the sewing machine however is doing great!!!

Carla, might have asked before, but where in TX? i'm in San Marcos, between Austin and San Antonio.
we just had to get work done on my van's AC, as well as its water pump. gotta habe those workin' in TX for sure
..and in eastern washington state for sure..needed it in nj also, needed but didn't have in the central vallys of ca. i don't like super hot.. and when it comes loaded w hi humidity the way it did in nj...ouch!! it was 124F one summer while pulling honey in robbins area north of sacramento ca, got to work one afternoon for evening shift and it was 125 F in shade of monster oak tree outside back door of hospital...it jas only been 100 - 105F here last few days..nope..don't like the hothothot...i am too lazy to want to deal w it lollollol!!

I'm with you on the I don't like super hot.  We just finished ten straight days over 100 in St. Louis,  Today it was 93 and it felt like it was cool outside.  It is all relative, but the high humidity does make it worse.  I'm looking forward to the 50 degree fall and winter.  I have a new student coming tomorrow so I must get busy.


yah.."cooling" off here today too..temps supposed to "drop" down for rest of week..fortunately our humidity drops during day as air heats up. locals call this region desert, i think the more correct term fr reading books history etc of region is...shrub-stepp habitat. small ground cover prickly pear cactus...so beautiful when blooming..one of these years i am going to take the time in spring when starting stuff up for summer growing...to go out and do some photos. lots of sagebrush etc. where i grew up in so cal it was desert..no chorros or saguare but prickly pears over 6 - 8 ft tall....but not hot like here. usually by august i am begging for snow! lollol! we lived in ohio for one job..down by moscow. in the news they said that the winter we had that year was the coldest temps since the weather service had started keeping records in the 1880's. lollol...dh company sure knows how to pick places for our job sites!! lollol

try and enjoy your "cooler" temps...it's supposed to pump back up again! NOAA says that july for us will be hotter & dryer than normal...& our fires have started too, tho not on the scale being suffered by those poor souls in colorado and elsewhere!


the fires in colorado are terrible. most of  my in-law type family lives there. i love photography! i take pictures all the time of stuff that i think is unusual or awesome. flowers to clouds to frogs......... lots of stuff. it's another great hobby. 

been rainy here for the last few days and sure has been cool for us. makes me afraid of what's coming after though. maybe some relaxed sewing tomorrow with the window open and listening to the rain fall. that would be lovely.  

i live in Abilene.  i love San Marcos.   great location between those two beautiful cities. and a close day drive. that would be nice. beautiful hill country and that nice cool river. are there still big fresh water prawns in it?


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