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i am in the market for a new sewing machine that i am hoping will be ''the one'' i have been considering a janome 6600p because all i am interested in is peicing and home quilting. this machine seems to fit the bill for what i need. i am not interested in spending 8000. or even 5000.00 for a machine that has features i will not use half of .i would be willing to spend extra if the machine were out of this world. i just want a good machine, with a deep roomy throat to quilt in. if you have one of these i would love your input or if you have another brand that you love dearly and use it mostly for  peicing and quilting at home then please so say so. i trust the input of quilters who actually use the machines more than the manufacterers who are trying to sell them ...your opinions mean a lot to me.....


                            carla walton


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They put a screw in it and soldered it in place. It is a 1951 made by the italians. She had all of the original books and even a repair bill where she had it worked on and a copy of the receipt when she bought it. I do not know why she had it anchored but when I took it in to have it cleaned the repairman said he did not know how to remove the solder. Since I already have two other machines and this one is in a cabinet it is mainly used just for decoration
wow....i think i will open mine up (portable it is in it's original case). dh got it at an auction or flea mkt on a job yrs ago. my local sewing machine guy said i could bring it in and he would see if he could get it running. told him it used to run great before went into storage for move here, and has just been setting because the wire is frayed and i am thinking that it should be seviced & re-wired and motor checked out. i really have no room to set it up here now; not till i have a room to work in, but you have me curious now about its age. it is a monster and weighs a ton lollol...but sews beatifully!
This one is similar to the old singer featherweights except that you would slide it to the left if you are going in reverse the featherweights you just slide the lever up.

Not that you want to, but you could re move the solder by putting a hot soldering tool next to the solder and it will heat up and melt. They melt it to put it on and when it cools it works like hot glue.  At least that is how my son gets it free when he works on electronic gadgets and fixes computer stuff and how  my friend who does stained glass work cleans her glass.  I like the fact that your machine has a history and a story.    

i was thinking the same thing. but then thought...hmmm might damage the enamel finish, but reading your suggestion...back to thinking - good idea...because they had to have damaged the finish when they soldered it. the sewing repair guy prob doesn't want to be responsible for any further damage.
I don't use it for anything more than straight sewing. Like I said only for heavy duty things that my husband thinks I should do on my featherweight (how dare he) or my bernina (she sews like a dream and I do not want to hurt her feelings by making her sew jeans ors canvas). My mechanical Janome that I had would work just fin for this.

I saw your question today so even though a month has passed, thought you might want another opinion. I have a Janome 6600 and I just love it. I bought it about 4 or 5 years ago and have never had a problem. I can free motion queen size quilts on it. Good luck with your search.

thsnk you.

 i actually did end up buying one and i do love it. :)

 I have the Janome 6600 . It's may baby, you won't go wrong in buying it. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. It's a lovely Machine to have, you can do alot with this Machine, Can''t go wrong, I just got the 12000 and will be learning about it for years to come. I traded the j 7700 for it. it was a great Machine also. just couldn't keep it , I only had it for 5-6 months. so either one 6000 or 7700 is good to go with. Mary

wonderful!!! very nice to hear, can't wait to see what all i can do with it. i already love it.

I also have a Janome, A QC6260, the special quilter's edition.  It came with all the feet.  Anyway, I had a yucky Kenmore that had nothing but tension problems, so husband eventually urged me to get a new machine, as I had decided I wanted to learn how to qult.  I visited a local sewing machine shop that sells used equipment and picked up my 1st Janome for a really reasonable price--and loved it.  It had apparently been used by a quilter, b/c it came with a bunch of quilting feet. After a year or so, my husband talked me into getting a new machine so I bought the QC6260, b/c the dealer gave me a decent price as the model was going to be outdated. It is just what I need, Carla, as I don't do anything fancy with my machine, either.  I mostly alter my own clothing, or do machine-piecing for quilts. I haven't tried a lot of actual quilting yet but so far, so good.  I didn't want one that could embroider, etc, etc, b/c I like to do that stuff by hand.  They are very user-friendly machines.  I hope I helped.

love hearing great news.  yes, it does help. it's always encouraging to hear how well a machine is performing.  this discussion is no doubt helping others making hard choices. :)


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