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i am in the market for a new sewing machine that i am hoping will be ''the one'' i have been considering a janome 6600p because all i am interested in is peicing and home quilting. this machine seems to fit the bill for what i need. i am not interested in spending 8000. or even 5000.00 for a machine that has features i will not use half of .i would be willing to spend extra if the machine were out of this world. i just want a good machine, with a deep roomy throat to quilt in. if you have one of these i would love your input or if you have another brand that you love dearly and use it mostly for  peicing and quilting at home then please so say so. i trust the input of quilters who actually use the machines more than the manufacterers who are trying to sell them ...your opinions mean a lot to me.....


                            carla walton


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I will put in my two cents worth, although I sooo know I am the minority quilter in this issue. since I only need straight stitching putting my quilts together, 'cause I hand quilt and hand finish, my philosophy regarding machines is to buy a nice one that is cheap. I use it 'til it wears out, then buy another nice one that is cheap. i usually spend $99 to $199 for my machines and get most of them at Target or WalMart. But, that is in part because it became sooo expensive to repair or maintain machines. When it costs $75 for maintenance and up from there for repairs, why bother? But, I also know I do a different kind of quilting from most ladies, so maybe the expensive machines do help with traditional piecing. I have a $3000 Elna, but I seldom use it, finding that my bargain basement machine does what I want and need and without fear of me hurting it. ~~~hahaha~~~ My mother gave me the Elna. I sooo never would have paid that myself. However, it is a nice machine and I do like it when I occasionally use it.

thank you for your input. actually right now i am using a new home janome. very  bottom of the line.......that i dug out of my friends garage after being stored for many years. LOL it had never been used and actually works just fine other than a few minor hick-ups. i just want my own machine though i dont suppose she will ever ask for it back since she does not sew any longer. i was just hoping for a little more ''juice'' and ROOM.  :)


that brings up another quuestion...........how many of you quilters out there use a simple cheap machine, are not ashamed to say so, ( cause god knows i have two of them)  and are perfectly happy with thier performance? that  would be interesting to know too.

HI Carla

I own 4 different machines...a New HOme fancy computerized one I bought 2nd hand, a Singer Featherweight I bought off of Ebay,a vintage Brother that was given to me, and a Singer Stylist I bought new last year. I love them all and did not pay much for any of them. The Stylist was on clearance for $100, the Featherweight and New home were both $250. My favorite one is which ever I am using at the time!! Before I owned any of these, the $100  Walmart one served me well!!


thank you.  singer is certainly a company that has been around for a while and would'nt have made it this far without being having good machines. i have a treadle from 1917. it still works.  my mother had a feather weight but at some point got rid of it, now i wish i had it.  i found two feather weights at an antique shop once and didnt buy either one ..regret that too. but i did aquire some really wonderful old quilting magazines from that same woman who passed away. she must have been a sewing teacher as i found a card to her from her students inside one of the magazines. she was very beloved, it made me sad that i had not gotten one of her machines. i am sappy like that. :(

I am sappy like that too. At one estate auction for a deceased seamstress, yrs ago, I acquired small case of salesman flannel fabric samples. Numerous boxes of feed sacks..used and not, quilt blocs, quilt block pieces...i could go on and on. Her name was Jennie. I still have the add for that sale. We moved to CA soon after that, and while I was moving my little fam into another new (to us) home...I would sit in floor of the bedroom that I had decided to use for my sewing room...I still had a lot of clothes and hse furnishings to make lollol..I would sit there in the floor too tired to do anything else and go through Jennie's fabric scraps, samples, old blocks etc. and wonder what Jennie would think of what I was doing with her blocks and fabrics. Of all the estate auctions that I have gone to before and since...I don't know why, but for some reason I soooo connected to Jennie. Did she pass an aura w/her quilt stuff...something that connected me to my gramma who imbued me w/my love of sewing and then quilting after I rec'd her q tops after she passed) .... Dunno

that's a great memory for you. loved hearing about it. i yes maam i do believe every quilter passes an aura on with thier quilts and fabrics. one that is beloved by others.:)

i also think we gain something when we get things from other quilters. whether thru estate sales, gifts, clearing outs, or whatever.

a friend of mine brought me some boxes once that belonged to a 92 year old woman who no longer sews. inside the boxes were some fabrics  but there were some really neat old sewing notions and stuff. there were some little packages of what would have been a complimentary sewing kit from the conoco gas stations.  they resembled a match book.it contained a needle and some various thread and also interestingly the match - like sticks inside had glue or something on them, they were designed to dip in water and apply to hoserie  to keep them from running. i thought that was so interesting. i still have them. also there were some neat old needle packs , thread cutters, buttons, lace, etc....and even an original pair of the red healed socks to make sock monkeys with. lots of fun to get.

those are always such fun treasures. i have sewing boxes from both my grandmothers. i love seeing their tools and knowing they did the same things i do ... more or less. gives a connection to my life and theirs, which is important now that they have passed.

I remember from my childhood a tiny baby doll among my grandmother's sewing notions. I'd say about an 1 1/2 " or less long, dressed in a pink crochet dress bonnet and panties. I always wondered what became of it. I have the treadle machine that she owned, it  needs some work.

I started out with a kenmore machine that used cams for the decorative stitches. My husband found it. (1974), At a New Home shop. Someone must have turned it in for a New Home, it was unused. Everything was still in it's original packaging. Loved it! I used it until 1997 when I purchased a floor model Viking Rose. It has a few decorative stitches but does embroidery. 4" stitch field. Now I need more room. It's a tight fit when trying to free motion so I am also looking for an affordable machine that  has a wider throat and can do larger embroidery. I have several bottom line Kenmores for the girls club. They work well for new sewers.

i am a fan of singer. my everyday machine is a singer. make all my quilts on it


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